Feb 10, 2009

Who'll be left holding the bag

The wonderful Damn Expat tagged me with the strangest meme ever thrown my way. Obviously meant for someone of the female persuasion, this meme begs to be ignored by a dude.

However, this must some type of test. I can feel it in the air like the stench of fear, swirling around the intertubes waiting to land in your lap like a cheap stripper trying to get a few last bucks out of an almost comatose club patron.

So let's get the obvious "Bag" joke out of the way first, OK?

Fuck yeah! That's how the Sky-Dad rolls! Hangin low and heavy...

Everyone OK? Good. On to the rules:

1. Post a picture of whatever bag you are carrying as of late. No, you can't go into your closet and pull out your favorite purse! We want to know what you carried today or the last time you left the house.

2. List how much it cost. And this is not to judge. This is for entertainment purposes only. So spill it. And if there is a story to go along with how you obtained it, we’d love to hear it.

3. Tag some chicks. And link back to this post so people know why the heck you’re showing everyone your bag.

First off, I carry everything in my pockets. No wallet, no bag. If I need to carry more stuff, we go to the backpack. So let's see what's in Chris' pants!

(excuse me while I whip this out)


Left pocket:

Keys to the two cars, Volvo XC wagon and adapted Dodge Caravan van for the Sky-Man. New LG phone from Verizon because Quest decided to get out of the cell phone business.

That background on the phone is our remaining dog, Yordi. A cross between Border Collie and Newfoundland!

Right Pocket:

License, Visa Debit card, Rec Center card, 20 bucks and... wait for it... Starbucks Gold card because hell yes, I am just that special!

So what if I need more stuff? Break out the wrap around your waist Rocky Pack.

Two center sections for stuff and water bottle holders on each side. Perfect when I am out hiking, or at an air show to hold my camera stuff. What's inside there now?

Let's take a peek, shall we?

Hat. Bald head plus sun equals pain, a lesson I have learned all too often.

Sun glasses and video camera. I have sensitive eyes and bright light affects me. That is why I prefer to hang out in the dark... outside your bedroom window...

Thus the video camera.

Lip stuff, it's way dry around these parts and you always want to stay kissable...

Milk Bones, they are tasty treats and keep my teeth clean!

A few basic tools are a must, if you are broken down on the side of a deserted highway, you can fix the car or use any of these as deterrents to those "Deliverance types".

Meat grinding pistol. I know what you're thinking. Did I grind one pound or two? Well, to be honest in all the excitement, I lost track myself. But you have to ask yourself a question. Do I feel lucky?

Well, do ya punk?

No cost figures were available at the time of this writing.

That's it, thanks for the tag! I don't think I will pass this one along, but if you want to play, go ahead... make my day!


  1. I'm sorry...what did you say? I can't stop staring at that pic of the elephant "bag"...

  2. How do you know it's an elephant? I wandered here because I couldn't resist the title of your blog..I think I will be entertained for a while..thanks..oh by the way I don't own any bags...really

  3. You've got deep pockets my friend. Shouldn't you cover the info on your driver's license or are you sure nobody would want your identity?

    The famous card of Jen arrived here today! It was great seeing the photo you'd included when it found you! I'm trying to pawn it off over here. :-)

  4. Ha ha ha! Well, thanks Sky Dad for showin' me what's in your pants. I am most impressed, sir. And you can quote me on that. (wink) :-)

  5. I always knew you'd have a meat gun in your pocket.

  6. Dale: Thanks for the heads up, I am an idiot!

    Giggle: I just knew that would mesmorize you.

    Susan: Stopped by your blog, very nice! Thanks for coming my way.

    Cora: I usually get more sympathy than people saying they are impressed!

    Suze: It's so good to have you back, filthy minds like each other!

  7. Anonymous6:39 PM

    As a certified stalker, I'm mortified that I missed that drivers license opportunity! I guess it is because I was laughing so hard at the whole damn post!

    Thanks, I needed this!

  8. I should put on my new pink hat and model MY bag just fer ya, bustah!! I sling MINE o'er my shoulder!!

  9. Oh, BTW, I far prefer the generic Wal-Mart dog biscuits to Milkbones. Somehow, adding all that milk to the chicken and bacon flavours just buggers the whole thing up.

    Besides, they do NOT clean your teeth! They get stuck in your molars like potato chips!!

  10. After the sun glasses and the video camera I was expecting that little tube to be lube.

    And what the hell SkyDad? When we took that picture of me and your balls you promised no one would ever see it!

  11. Captain: I triple dog dare you!

    Bella: Lube... he he he, and I am sorry about the photo, but you look so nice in it!

  12. Giggle Pixie-that's a good one. hehe.

    Oh, this was a delight and I applaud you for actually playing the game to perfection!!!!!

    The meat grinding gun?? Brilliant and the gratuitous "ditry harry" reference-even better!!
    You have set the standard for all male bloggers to adhere to when faced with a ladies meme!

    Well Done!!!!

  13. Was THAT you outside my bedroom window?

    Dude...those balls. I need to borrow those sometimes!

  14. Ah ha! Now I know your name. My plan is nearly complete!

  15. Im always in such AWE at how much crap guys can carry in their pockets! Who knew there was that much room in there!

  16. Im always in such AWE at how much crap guys can carry in their pockets! Who knew there was that much room in there!

  17. I'm with you on carrying everything in my pockets instead of a bag. I carry the exact same stuff except for the phone, the cards, and the money.

    If I have a twenty dollar bill in my pocket, it means I just rolled a few girl scouts.


  18. OH OH OH I want a meat grinding pistol!!