Sep 1, 2009

Bad Tat Tuesday, the guest addition!

Welcome back viewers to a late breaking edition of Bad Tat Tuesday. I am late mostly because work is making me it's bitch, and also because I was going through old emails looking for tats that all my wonderful readers have sent.

I know that I missed some people, and please don't be offended if I left yours out. It is just because I have all of the organization skills of a Rhesus Monkey on crack.

The wonderful Suze from Suzels Sass sent me these wonderful pictures of people being all special with there body art:

Aren't they special? Thanks so much Suze!!

Next up is Un[censored] from A week full of mondays who sent in this lovely candidate for your approval:

One of my all time fav's, good going!

Last but not least, is our over achiever, Chris Radloff from The Radloffs Random Midnight Thoughts. Chris sent me links to a couple of websites that had over 25 extremely tasteless tats, and it was tough to make a decision on what I liked best. So here are my top 5:

Aren't these just wonderful? Thanks for sending those in folks, and as I said before, I am sorry if I missed or forgot anybody.


  1. I'm really really hoping some of those are temporary. That last one will probably be walking ahead of us at the State Fair, and I'll have to answer some 10-year-old questions.

  2. All I can think of is, what the h*ll is the matter with these people?

  3. I know a good source for BTT, now that I know people send them to you. Stay tuned...

  4. It is nice to see the good use of the tattoo artist's artistic skills! ha

  5. Being a tattoo artist must be the WEIRDEST job in the world.

  6. THAT was one hell of a lineup.

    I am awed and shocked.

  7. Don't get me wrong, this is some weird shit, but the strangest for me is the lady with the Pac Man tattoo. Not because she has a video game on her chest, but she bothered to tape napkins over her breasts.


  8. Great as usual. I just Tweeted this..

  9. I often wonder how humans have managed to escape extinction.

  10. I salute you. This was perfect.

  11. How sad is it that after all that, my only comment is: #3 and #9 need better bras.

    Sorry I missed you on your trip here! :(

  12. totally tasteless? left a bad taste in my mouth gotta go brush my teeth now yuck
    can you believe somethings people do?? My fav tat?
    on back of man's head just above balding hairline is lil guy pushing a lawnmower!

  13. Niiice.

    So your busy then?

    So you wouldn't want any extra blog work then?

    So, you wouldn't want to be tagged for a meme then?

    Ooh, too bad!

  14. I should probably close my mouth now.

  15. Those are pretty horrible. Except the belly button monkey hole! That one is awesome

  16. Well, I'll be a monkey's ass... there are some sick people out there in tat-land.

  17. Oh, some of these just made me want to hurl - chunks.

    What are these people thinking?!

  18. Anonymous7:29 PM

    That Suze, she's so awesome. Signed Anon.

    Oh wait, it puts your name down? Damn it.

  19. i cannot baleeve these people find themselves attractive!



  20. Anonymous3:35 AM

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