Sep 10, 2009

Gus Porter is a True American Man!

I imagine he just might be a republican...

Gus Porter gets mauled by a bear, but he won't let the socialist Canadian health care fix him up, so he'll hike back to America.


  1. Reminds me of those idiots that call me and ask if the *cough* EMERGENCY air evacuation lets them choose where they will be transported, in the event of a life or death accident.

    Sure, you can be air lifted from China all the way to Iowa if you like, and you'll die on the way, fucker.

  2. Uh - insurance coverage is NOT free for everyone. Premiums ARE paid with our taxes (on a sliding scale) and foreigners will get cared for but I believe they are charged (whether they trouble themselves to collect I don't know).

  3. As you discovered, I also coincidentally had this on my Facebook.

    When my now-ex-wife was living in England on a work-study program in the mid-eighties, she got seriously ill. She was treated at no charge. She is, not surpisringly, a big advocate of a national healthy care system.

  4. Sounds like my ex-husband. *rolling my eyes*