Dec 1, 2009

Bad Tat Tuesday: The Head Edition.

I wonder what it is that makes people want to put artwork on their head? Even if it is the best looking tat in the world, isn't it always just a bit distracting from the real you?

Perhaps it is the need to be different, or to make some sort of statement? I just don't know, nor do I get it. Even if a hiring boss is the most non-discriminating person in the world, I just don't think that some of these folks are getting the job.

From a London Tattoo convention, I admire the use of metal to go with the ink.

Same convention. The dude on the right looks like his eye is going to get eaten.

This is like one of those illusions that looks like it is moving.


Mr. Bisected man. The Hello Kitty is a nice touch...

I'm not even certain what is on his forehead, but it looks like barbwire. Proof that there is somebody for everyone out there.

I wonder if Shaq has a dispute with this?

Perfect for frightening your kids to death.

I stand corrected. This is much more frightening.

Do his eyelids really say "Pure Sex"? I assume this is from several years ago...

Guy on the right sings "He ain't heavy, he's my brother" to himself a lot.

Wha wha wha wait a moment! She is really good looking!!



  1. Nothing like looking at a few tattoo pics to remind me how old I am. And to think our parents got freaked out because we let our hair grow long. At least that could be cut when we outgrew that stage....

  2. oh my Lord.

    THAT woke me up.

  3. Yick! Do you suppose hair can grow over those? Or do you think tattooing destroys the hair follicles?
    There's a guy who comes in to where I work with something tattooed on his forehead, I think it's religious. I just kind of always wish he would be picked up in the Rapture already.

  4. You're right about the job thing. I am thinking the only place that would hire most of these folks would be a tattoo parlor... or a bike repair shop for Hell's Angels.

  5. Eek. Interesting, though, in a weird, digusting kind of way.

  6. you do wonder on the hair thing. would have to keep shaving to see the tattoo? And how fast do you lose skin on your head?
    Your right, she is pretty and has a beautiful shaped head. Wonder why she decided to do that?

    Of course sorta runs with the ear plugs and metal work.

  7. Dang it! I keep forgetting to send you that link to a CA woman who is tatted all over (except for her face...well, at least the last time I saw her pics).

    And you're right! That last woman is really pretty...but probably totally screwed up.

  8. Well, better the big head than the little head.

  9. Somehow I'm most perplexed by the Hello Kitty. WTF?!

  10. Someone should tell them that when folks say "I should have that tatooed on my forehead" that it's just an expression!!!

  11. I can't even imagine what a tattoo gun would feel like hammering against your skull. That's pretty hardcore. No wonder some of their heads look so angry.

  12. Jeez, doesn't that first guy look kind of like Ralph Finnes? Maybe he's Bizarro Ralph Finnes.

  13. You would seem to imply there is such a thing as a "good" head tat.

  14. Oh thank god you only included the visible heads.

  15. this is fantastic. i have just stumbled across this and there i am at the bottom (the, uhhh, really good looking one haha!)
    just to put your mind at rest, being a tattooist myself, my boss really doesn't have an issue with me having it there, nor would any other, thanks for the concern though.

    i must say, although some people may be horrifically offended to find themselves on this, the post itself gave me a real chuckle. it was only some of the uneducated comments that followed that were slightly irritating. like...
    you wonder if the hair grows back? really? of course it does, it's one of the perks of having it on your head, 4 weeks of hair growth and VOILA - no more tattoo.
    and lose skin? why would you lose skin any differently to anywhere else? and of course you have to keep shaving it, just like thousands of men all over the world do every week just as standard procedure.
    OH, and "probably TOTALLY screwed" hehehe. yes. i am. i'll tell you just how screwed up i am... i have a job, amazing parents who i couldn't fault at all on how they brought me up, a boyfriend (who has a job and my parents like very much), a flat of my own that i afford the rent for through wages, not through selling crack as you may assume, i got good grades at school, i hold doors open for people, i say thank you, i pronounce my words correctly, i pick up old ladies purses if they drop them (and get this) then... GIVE THEM BACK TO THEM. That's totally screwed, isn't it?

    dear blogger...
    please don't take this comment as an insult to your post, I agree that head tattoos are not for everyone, and i probably wouldn't have some of the other ones you posted either... but

    dear uneducated commenters...
    you know what the best thing is about having tattoos like this? it stops people like you coming over and talking to me, therefore automatically sifting you out of my life and saving me from telling you that we have nothing in common and i have no interest in you. it's the best type of deterrent.

    i have posted this link on facebook now and me and friends are benefitting greatly from it, thank you :)