Dec 31, 2009

New Years Eve, Sky-Dad Style UPDATED!!

Kathy, Skyler and I will be running the Resolution Run this evening. It is a great run that has been going on for 25 years now, going around through Wash Park south of downtown Denver.

It used to be held right in downtown Denver, and started just before midnight so you brought in the New Year on the road during the race. But the cold weather at midnight combined with the attacks by the hobos kind of put a damper on the run, so they moved it to 6PM and in the park.

We will be decorating Skylers chair with glo-sticks, I will make sure and take pictures to share with you all!

Just back from the race, and it was a great time. There was a very large crowd, and everyone was having fun. The course was mostly dry, but there were patches of ice that were pretty nasty, and our friend Lauri went down pretty hard!

The glo-sticks were a big disappointment, due to the cold they didn't light up well at all. Some of the runners wore Christmas lights of sorts that were battery powered.

After the run we headed over to a local pub for beers and burgers, all in all a great evening.

Me, Skyler, Kathy, and Lauri

Kevin, Skyler, Kathy, Lauri, and Joel

We were first to the pub!!

The glo-sticks came back to life in the pub after they got warm!


  1. Awesome, can't wait for the photo's!

  2. Sounds like fun..can't wait to see the pics!

    Happy New Year to you, Kathy and Skyler! : )

  3. Hobo attacks? Kind of gives the homeless a bad name. Maybe if the hobos were decorated with glo sticks you would see them coming. It's stupid, I know, so you can stop making that face right now.
    HNY. xo d

  4. Happy New Year! Looking forward to photos. :-)

  5. I might be persuaded to run if I knew there were burgers and beer waiting at the finish line. But probably not. You go, boy!

    And Happy New Year!

  6. you are just amazing.

    an inspiration, really.

  7. Anonymous10:54 AM

    What a fun way to spend New Year's Eve.

  8. Great pics, how on earth did you all stay warm enough? I would have been first to the pub too.

  9. Is it my imagination, or does Skyler look a little happier in the pub than out in the cold?

    Can't say I blame him.

    I'm not into the "polar bear" thing, either.

    Have a happy new year and a great 2010.

    - Eric

    Cora here! Love the pics! HAPPY NEW YEAR!! :-)

  10. Cora here again: I wanna hear more about the attacking hobos, btw.

  11. What a beautiful boy he is.

  12. I'm with Cora- you know my love of Hobo stories, and yet you tease me so, teaser.

    Though, if an angry hobo was chasing me, I would probably be inspired to run in the freezing cold, in the snow, at night. But then again, I might just let them abduct me so I didn't have to run & I could become the hobo queen. Who can really say?

  13. Great pics. Happy New year to you and yours from me and mine.

    Isn't there a programme called "When Hobos Attack!" ?

    well there should be.

  14. Fantastic! Happy New Year!!!

  15. That is awesome, as usual Chris - you and Kathy do amazing things with Skyler.