Mar 23, 2010

Bad Tat Tuesday! The Kid Edition!

No matter how hard they try, I have never seen a portrait of a kid transfer to a tat that looked worth a damn. I think it's a nice idea, especially if you have lost a child, but maybe a picture in your wallet is better.

Bonus points for the proximity to your nip!

The one on the right... Wow, just wow.

Probably the best of the bunch.

Turned a baby pic into some demon out of hell!

I can't help but think very old Chinese guy.

And we have a winner! That will live in my nightmares for weeks!


  1. People, buy a locket.

    My word ver is "tarbain". I think it is missing a "r" in there.

  2. I think they all got a tat of the same baby. Or maybe they all just got tats of Winston Churchill?

  3. Now I'll have nightmares for weeks that I got one of those super horrible tattoos right on my forehead.

    Note to self. No portrait tattoos. Never.

  4. They all look like variations of Chucky, the doll of horror movie fame. I don't know why photos don't make good tats but like you, I've never seen a good one and the ones of children are the worst.

    Couldn't these people have just gotten an anchor or a skull and put their kids name on it? That would seem a little more classy to me.


  5. Those babies are so scary and creepy. Who would want that on them for the rest of their lives? Yeesh!

  6. Huh, that second- to the- last one actually looks ALARMINGLY like the photo.

    So, accuracy is not necessarily a great thing.

  7. These people should've done what my brother did. Had his kids sketched on paper.


    Oh well, it's the thought that counts, right?

    I only know of 1 person who's tat came out exactly like the picture. Unfortunately, she divorced the guy and now he has to tote her face around on his bicep. A sketch may not be perfect but it CAN be thrown away.

  8. Jeez, If I had any of those, I think I'd just have to pour hot oil on it and burn the skin off. Melty scar = better than spawn of Satan on my arm.

  9. Well, sometimes kids ARE little demons.

    I'm just sayin.'

  10. Wow. That one on the right (in the picture of three) looks like some kind of mutant cross-breed between a child and a puma.


  11. Ick. The worst tats yet. Well done!

    One of the trends in the ghetto, when I was teaching there, was to have pictures of your murdered gang homies tattooed on you-- either their name or name and picture. What an extraordinarily bad idea.

  12. Portraits are usually a bad idea, although I have a friend who is a tattoo artist and he does amazing portraits - it's a rare gift. All of these kids look like Chuckie. This is the worst (and by that I mean best) bad tat Tues in a long time!

  13. Every single one is just plain creepy. I'm surprised the woman in the last picture actually looks happy.

    Found your blog through 2010-Year of Miracles. I have to say, I clicked on your blog simply because I love the name. Awesome.