Mar 1, 2010

If it's Tuesday, it must be time for Bad Tats!

There seems to be a never-ending supply of bad ink out there to keep this little feature coming, so away we go again!

Vila Kula??? Is she renting real estate space on her knuckles?

Nice tribute. If only it wasn't such lousy work.

This really needed to be put on the owners ass. That would be excellent.

When i see something horrific like this, I always go back to how this plays out in a job interview.

Fudgetown and care bear? That just isn't right...

Touched by his noodley appendage.

Sweet! Now if the ultrasound lines up it would be even more awesome!

I like the peaking bear.

He missed the eyelet toward the top.

Have to admire his commitment to the art.

And last we have a tat sent in from Susan! Thanks a bunch for thinking of me when your friend got the hooters on her hooters!!


  1. Wasn't Villa Kula the name of Pippi Longstocking's house??

    Wayne's World meets Beavis and Butthead.

    The last one is redundant.

  2. These will give me nightmares. Ick, eek, ack, & ewww.

  3. I'll never look at Care Bears the same way again...

  4. yeah, how did Care Bears become so filthy? And my grandbabes bedroom is decorated with them? UT OH! Does that mean she has tats under that onesie?

  5. I am continually amazed at the amount of bad tat material there is in the world. Thank you for collecting so I can shake my head in awe and feel superior.

  6. Stellar.

    Everyone at WalMart wondered why Bob always wore his navy blue shirt buttoned to the top... with a tie... and a neck brace.

  7. Care Bears are obviously abused! Who knew?

    And I agree about the redundant, I can't find the nips!

  8. Those poor owls are going to get longer and longer the older she gets.

  9. I should have taken pictures of some of the bad jailhouse tattoos my students had back when I was a teacher. Would have given you many, many bad Tat Tuesdays.

  10. I continue to pray to the Tat God to NEVER, EVER touch my daughter!!! So many of these are a parents nightmare. Of course, the little Bear Claw I want wouldn't be too bad. JK. I want what I will never have. Thanks for sharing the Tuesday Tats with us!!

  11. The dude with the pink bear should have been more clever and gone with a duck.

  12. hahahahaha Fudgetown. Hilarious!

    Those hooters frighten me.

  13. That last one makes me sad. Those were fabulous tits until she got the tats.

  14. Good God. Where'd her nipples go? Oh the humanity!!