Apr 3, 2010

Hey! It's Easter!!

Presenting two of the worst Easter Bunny pictures you have ever seen, and quite possibly the worst Easter Joke ever.

Photo #1 proves that you don't need to wait until night like that Santa dude to traumatize the kids!

Photo #2 shows a cute couple of kids that with several years of extensive therapy might be able to eat a colored egg once again.

Now as promised, the worst Easter joke ever:

Jesus was up on the cross looking over the crowd when his eyes fell upon a familiar face. It was John the Baptist! He got John's attention and called out to him, "John! Come up to me!"

John rose from the crowd and rushed forward, only to be greeted by a huge guard who drew his sword and cut off both of his legs.

Jesus once again summoned John up to him, "John! Come up to me!"

John drew his strength and pulled his torso up on his arms and began crawling up to the cross. The same guard stepped up, drew his sword and cut off both of his arms!

As John lay there his eyes rose to meet Jesus' and Jesus called to him a third time, "John! Come up to me!"

John began moving his limbless body up toward the cross by pulling with his chin now. Even the guards had to step back and wonder in amazement at this display of devotion and strength. Finally, John reached the bottom of the cross, rolled and looked up to Jesus, and said "I am here Jesus, how can I serve you"?

Jesus looked down at John, the gazed towards the horizon and said "Hey John! I can see your house from up here"!!

Yeah, I am driving the rocket sled to hell, leaving in about 30 minutes. If you are laughing, give me a call and I will pick you up...


  1. I live on Broad Ave.

    I sure hope your sled has a big rumble seat cause I don't think I'm the only one laughing!


  2. I love that joke! My favorite Xmas card is a photo of Mary yelling at Jesus "Jesus H. Christ close the door! Were you born in a barn?"

    Happy Easter!

  3. I love that joke.

  4. Rocketsled?!?


  5. for a jewish family - we didnt celebrate xmas, but had easter egg hunts - go figure.

    and that rabbit would have scared santa

  6. That was perfect for someone who celebrates this holiday as "Zombie Jesus weekend".

    And by someone, I mean me.

  7. Jesus sounds a lot like Sarah Palin in this joke.

  8. Anonymous5:45 AM

    Holy crap. The bunny in that second photo makes Frank from "Donnie Darko" look like a Hallmark toy. That is positively terrifying!

  9. Those are the creepiest Easter pictures I've ever seen...They're great.

  10. hey, since you stopped by to pick me up for the ride down, can we grab a 6 pack for the road down at the Speedway before we get on th' highway??