Apr 8, 2010

So This Is Kind Of How It Is

Are you being pulled in many directions also? I tell you what, I feel like I have been on that George Jetson treadmill just spinning around and around for so long I don't even know what normal is anymore.

We had lunch recently with my sister and brother in law, after I had to decline about 1342 times due to my stupid schedule. We planned on getting together around Christmas if I recall, right Sandi? Geeez, that just sucks. If you can't find time for your sister, what hope is there for maintaining friendships. I guess that is why my list of friends I see lately is down to one hand. Most of the people I keep up with regularly are out here in Blogville and facebook!

I have been slacking on my workouts lately, mostly because of this stupid cold that just turned into Strep Throat. But before I started feeling sick, I just wasn't feeling in the mood to go into the gym every day. Part of it was getting tired of the same routine, the other part was having to listen to the hard right rhetoric from some of my friends. I have asked quite a few times that maybe we could not talk politics, just to, ya know, stay friends? But there is always one last point they need to make. So I started just getting off whatever machine I was on and walking away.

Hmmm, note to self, maybe this is related my short list of friends I mentioned above. I will report back after further analysis.

I tried to get back into a regular running routine and my back just isn't going to let me do that. I can't tell you how much that sucks for me. I have been a runner my whole life, and now I have finally broken down to the point where I have to admit to myself I am a non-runner. And the pounds are creeping on... Maybe I will forget about it with another beer!

Hmmm, note to self, maybe this is related my weight gain. I will report back after further analysis.

Kathy and I got a very rare evening out and went to see the first concert of Straight No Chaser's new tour. They played at the Boulder Theater, which is a great venue. It is one of those great old movie houses from the old days that has been renovated. Even though we had cheap GA seats, everything was still fantastic. Skylers old aide from school, Janet, and her husband came over and put Skyler to bed for us. That was nice of them, they are good people.

Speaking of Janet and Dan, their daughter Dawn is finishing up her Navy career in about a year or so. She came to visit a while back and I got to sit and talk to her about her ship and mine and how the navy has changed. There are still a whole lot of similarities between now and back then, and it was fun to swap stories. Janet worries that her daughter will never be able to stop swearing when she gets out. I told her not to worry, it didn't take me too fucking long to stop. Aren't I a big help?

Hmmm, note to self, stop being an asshole around friends and maybe they will stick around. I will report back after further analysis.

I have a lot of analysis to run through, eh?

We are having some seating system challenges with Skyler for awhile now. After his surgery to straighten out his spine, his head hung down to the right side. This is because he always had to hold his head up more with the right side muscles because of the top of his spine going off to the left.

It is kind of tough to see in this picture, but there is a lot of head gear trying to keep his head up. He fights it a lot, so his neck gets skin breaking down. We are working with the seating company to try and come up with a good solution, but so far, nothing is working really good.

So that's what is happening here at my little corner of bloggerritaville, let me know what is going on with you! And one more thing, I would love to go back and reply to everyone's comments like I used to, I am sorry I stopped doing that. I need to be a better blogger buddy.

Take care all!


  1. I know you've said Kathy is a Master's level swimmer. You may recall that I can't run and the pool has been a Godsend. Plus, your friends won't be able to talk politics to you while you're swimming. I also recommend Pilates. It's not just for girls. My brother is a serious skier and he says it's great for that.

  2. Welcome to the dark side of ex runners...

    Every time I think I should start up again, my knee actually throbs to say, "listen you phat phuck..."

    Hope you can get a good seating system arranged for Skyler.

  3. I've come to the conclusion that my swimming career is over. Having swam since I was 7, it really sucks. It's not the actual swimming or even getting in that's the problem...it's the getting out because my shoulders are shot. At 45. I could get one of those pool lift thingies but it'd be too much of a hassle.

    I hope Skyler's seating issues are solved and that you feel better SOON!

  4. I've never been much of an athlete except in High School. I have been slowly (or maybe it's actually quickly) falling apart for some time now. My back is so bad I can't do much of anything that requires a lot of effort physically. If I try to run just a few steps it lets me know that I shouldn't. Hope all works out for you, have a great day!

  5. You still seem to have your sense of humor, though! Hang tough, my friend.

  6. Not a big fan of running. Hate it in fact. But I'm loving going rock climbing. You should check it out!

  7. Kids with disabilities and their parents deserve a long round of applause.

    I know I'm getting older because even walking gives me shin splints, and they don't go away no matter what I try.

  8. I hope you guys get the chair problem and your running problem fixed. Have a great weekend!

  9. You're always there when I need you...If the right wing B.S. masters of Idiocy won't leave you alone, pull out your free Range, Non-leathal billy club and give 'em a good one up the side of the head!!!

  10. My analysis shows you've always been an excellent blogger buddy and all around great person. Then again, I'm not known for my analysis.

  11. red: I do Pilates, but swimming for me is a lot like watching a drowning person.

    Scope: My body tells me the same stuff these days. Does your inner narration have a voice? Mine is Christopher Walken.

    JJ: I never considered the problem of getting in and out of the pool!

    Jayde: Thank for commiserating with a fellow bad back.

    Flannery: I have to laugh, otherwise I cry.

    Mo: I used to do that long ago, I should try it again.

    mnmom: Thanks for the claps! (that sounded dirty)

    Churlita: The chair problem comes first, then maybe I tackle why I can't run.

    Sandi: Maybe I should start packing at the gym.

    Dale: Thank you sir, and it is good to see you out here again!

  12. Okay, first of all there's this: ((((BIG BIG HUG))))

    Life can get complicated really freaking fast, can't it? I too suddenly have no time for anything (when was the last time I did a blog post?..... two weeks ago, maybe?.... *sniffle*) and can count my real life friends on one hand and I'm not even sure how that happened.... where'd they all go?....



    Here's hoping things go back to normal soon and that Skyler's chair issues are sorted out ASAP.

  13. Whoo... I need a drink after reading that! I'm no longer complaining about MY pathetic lil' life any-mo...