Apr 30, 2010

Some Days It's Not Worth Chewing Through The Leather Straps Presents:

Great moments in parenting!

Let's all take a few moments to run through these examples and see if we can see where the parent went wrong. Form two groups please, take these sticky notes and write your ideas on them and post them on the wall. Pick a team leader to present your findings, and we will reconvene in one hour.

Was letting Timmy play with daddies professional porn camera a good idea?

Did you make Bobby attend Sunday school one too many times?

When your little "leading edge of fashion" guy suggested the new "proto-mullet", was that the best choice?

Should you ever show any mercy in backyard football games?

Sure he hasn't slept through the night all week because of the ear infection. Should you take medication into your own hands?

Are you monitoring what your child likes to play with?

Pop quiz! Is this young man headed to:
A: An Ivy league education?
B: Community College?
C: The Military?
D: Your worst dreams as a husband for your daughter?

Can you turn pyromania into good clean fun with costumes?

Should you try and mix your dreams as an Alpaca guide with juniors Rugby games?

Finally, how many years of therapy will it take to get this image out of her mind?

Remember, check back in an hour and we can compare results!


  1. Sticky notes, groups? Sounds like you've been to a few team-building seminars.

    Great list!!!!

  2. Talk about Epic Parenting Fail....

  3. Those are great...If not just a little scary. Ha ha.

  4. That Jagermeister picture reminds me of a photo my ex-wife had of herself as a baby with a can of Schlitz clutched in her little mitts.

  5. Anonymous4:32 PM

    My vote goes for the idiot that would green light that hideous hair.

  6. I've been that little kid in the last pic.

    Well, I was 20...but still.

  7. Is that a bubble floating serenely past the kid in the football faceplant pic? And I want a Dexter doll.

  8. I want that jäger boy as my own and I want a Dexter doll too.