Jul 20, 2010

Bad Tat Tuesday; Close your eyes and hang on!

Lots and lots of truly bad artwork, as well as bad ideas this week.

As always, proceed with caution, keep your arms and legs inside the ride at all times, your milage may vary, void where prohibited...

I really don't know, I've blown it up and I just don't have a clue what this fuzzy thing is!

When it rains, it pours! I wonder if they are getting any royalties from the Morton Salt Company?

Truth in advertising?

Oh that's really nice. Is this a grade school project?

Make daddies little girl proud.

There just isn't enough drugs or alcohol in the world to make this seem like a good idea.

See boss, it's kind of like word play... Get it? What? Clean out my desk?

Stay classy idiot boy.

It really doesn't get much more awesome than Taz riding a unicorn!

Can I just mention that those are pretty gnarly toes also?

As the back boobies grow, the tat morphs into something even more sinister!

'nuff said.

Patriots fan?

Nice homemade job there bucko.

Another classy contender.

So full of angst, and no art skills...

Normally I am a huge fan of bacon, just not a fan of huge bacon.

On the front of the knee? You would have to wear long pants the rest of your days.

Best art work in this series, just a whole lotta WTF...

Does anybody have a clue? Anybody?


  1. Those are some questionable contenders.

    The Pats fan??? Cmon, even Pat Patriot would hide his head in shame with that one.

  2. Candy, but it's the ZOMBIE Pat it's a total existential take on the modern state of the NFL as it relates to society as a whole within the subtext of...

    Nah, it's a crappy tat!

  3. ohhhhhhh bad bad art if we can call it that.
    go wash your eyes out with soap

  4. Sweet hoppin' Jesus on a pogo stick! That is some good artwork!

  5. It's people like these why society still finds tattoos unacceptable.

  6. I'm not sure which one I like best. They're all so awesome.

  7. I say that instead of people rubber-necking and holding up traffic, that they visit my favorite weekly car crash here, instead.

    Because you know as much as I want to turn away, I can't.
    ; )

  8. My eyes are burning...thank you.

  9. I am not sure which one I don't like more!

  10. Wow. They're all so interesting, but that eye tat is one of the creepiest I've ever seen.

  11. It's Raining Men???? I've seen tattoos that disgust me before, but I've never seen one that truly made me angry until now.


  12. I need to go wash my eyes now...

    Oh, and BTW, the first one is a very, VERY poor attempt at a goddess fertility symbol.

    Did I mention it was VERY poor??

  13. Is there a 99-cent tattoo store somewhere that we don't know about? Because, judging from the poor quality of so many of this week's bunch one has to exist somewhere.

  14. The homemade ones are just scary