Jul 22, 2010

Friday Madness

Thank goodness the end of the week is here!

First up, I have a Skyler update:

Skyler had another blood test yesterday and the levels came way down into the normal range, down a lot from last week's blood test.

Dr. Chang met with the radiologist today and confirmed that the spots they see on the PET Scan are typical for his fusion.

Even Dr. Chang was pretty worried that Skyler had an infection and is just as relieved as we are that he does not need surgery.

Removing the hardware is only an option if there is an infection. The spinal fusion grows around the hardware, making the removal a very difficult surgery.

They think he may have had a cold, or even a pulled muscle that was showing up in the blood work.

So from here, it is muscle relaxers, massage if he will tolerate it, and wait and watch. Thanks for everyones well wishes!

Next up, life report:

We were moved from salaried employees to hourly employees, taking effect in a couple of weeks. They say this stems from a law suit in California, but a lot of us have "Spidey Senses" tingling over this one. Our bonus structure was cut pretty much in half, because of all the OT we will supposedly get now that we are hourly employees. However, lots of the managers are saying that we shouldn't need to work OT if we are scheduling our time correctly.

The only thing they haven't said so far is "Work smarter, not harder..."

Now for the madness, things that make you scratch your head and mumble what the fuck...?

Scope and Cora's wedding looked nice and all, but they needed a theme like "Me and you and an Emu too".

Awesome date #1, outdoorsy and a ton of fun!

Not feeling it with the first guy? Here is awesome date #2. Breathe in the awesome ladies...

June Cleaver never had a flame thrower! I bet this lady has rodent problems she is taking care of like Steam Me Up Kid!

Save a life down at the shelter has it's dark side...

Can somebody please explain this?

Hey BeckEye, you can steal this for your next Firecrotch award!

Bubba always scored on the hot chicks when he offered camel rides with a little squeezebox!

This is the end result of too much fapping guys, be warned!

Finally, what may just be the best personnel ad ever placed.


  1. The fact that date #2 has a heart manscaped into his belly hair is all you really need to know.

    And I call BS on the salary to hourly, too. Have they installed time clocks to treat you like children, too?

  2. This is just ALL kindsa wrong! Especially date #2.

    But AWESOME news about Skyler!!!!!

  3. You know, you never need actually write a blog again with material like this. What the HELL!

    Also, that lady uh...dude...uh I don't know...Kid Rock(?) on the cow should be happy - his date's horny!

    I'm here all week.

    Yay for the Skyler news though! :)

  4. Also, because I can't take my eyes off it, date #2 - if you look carefully with the two hairy hearts and his nipples, it looks kind of like Jar Jar Binks! Of course I've had some beer...

  5. That girl getting sprayed must have one hot pussy.

  6. Some of that is just wayyyy sick...but who am I to argue with thier "Normal".

    Glad to hear Skyler is on the mend..

  7. so glad to hear for skyler
    that must be so straining to not be able to know for sure what is going on with your child.

    job situation...yeah i would agree that spidey sense would shoot up. worry about the pink slips next?

    the pics....omg....going to burn my eys after some of the.

  8. - Awesome news about Skyler!

    - Opposite of awesome on the job situation... that happened at MTD... I don't work there anymore... lots of us don't. :(

    - Your photos were blog fodder. Look out.

  9. Date #2 frightens me more than I can articulate. Yeesh!

    I'd rather date the diaper sniffer.

  10. And there's nooooooooo way I'd have a huge bird like that at my wedding!! I loathe birds - they freak me out!!


  11. Great news about Sky, and...

    "However, lots of the managers are saying that we shouldn't need to work OT if we are scheduling our time correctly."

    Gary Cole asking to you fill out those TPS Reports is just around the corner.

    "My favorite movie is 'The Notebook.'"

    Yeah, women will believe that and that will win them over.

    "Sometimes, I cry after sex."

    What, when the ladies accidentally pull on his weave?

  12. Great updates on Skyler.

    I think though animals may have been harmed in the making of this post! :-)

  13. Great news on Skyler!

    I think I told you about all the employees that went hourly after our sale. So happy it wasn't me. I'm wishing you the best.

  14. Anonymous11:32 AM

    Good News about Skyman, crap news about work. I work in HR at my company and they just told me we are going to be doing "some major changes" tomorrow. The last time we had "major changes" we let 70 people go. I am nervous and want to throw up because I just know that's what going to happen. It is not good on the HR side either....scary. Imagine trying to tell 70 pepople you have to let them go in a job economy where they have little to no chance of finding work and realize that unemployement is not going to keep them afloat forever. I have a hard time looking the people I presented orientation to in the face when I have to tell them goodye and we hope to rehire them soon. People will blame me, and they will cry and I will want to vomit. Okay that is enough of the gloom and doom. I hope the change helps prevent lay off's - they suck for everyone involved.

    WTH is that on the cow? I fear for the cow. I bet that is part of mad cow disease right there.

    I dont ever want to see the belly hair man ever again. UGH

  15. That salary/hourly thing does sound suspicious. :( Some of these WTF folks look like people I've partied with. Hmmmm....

  16. glad to hear skyler's on the mend.

    so sorry to hear about the work situation. That is just *wrong* to do to people. I hope it doesn't get even worse before it gets better...