Jul 8, 2010

Skylers TV Crushes, saving the best for last!

I decided that I could probably go on and on with all the pretty TV ladies Skyler likes, but I thought I would end this series with Skyler's main love, Kathy Sabine.

Kathy has been on the local NBC affiliate since 1993, and is now the chief Meteorologist. She is really a very nice person, knows Skyler from a couple of tours of the station and charity runs we have been in.

She does the weather outside in the 9News backyard, and it is always a big hit with Skyler when it is nasty outside and she has to have a hat or an umbrella.

Kathy starts the weather segment in the weather center or on the set, then as the maps go by she walks to the back yard. On the tour they show you the path outside, and there is a series of TV monitors that she can look at as she goes out to read the maps. It's pretty interesting. Sometimes, she slams the door on the way out, and Skyler thinks this is funny as heck! He she is being particularly noisy starting at about 1:15 in the video:

Kathy has been back east a couple of times to fill in as meteorologist on the Today show, and they always make a big deal out of making sure everyone knows she isn't moving back there.

One of the things that Skyler thinks is so cool is that Kathy gets to work in the weather center with all of the awesome computers.

Kathy is a country girl at heart, she loves the outdoors. She fishes, camps, owns a horse that she takes on pack trips, and I heard a story from a camp guide that says she likes beer and is a lot of fun in camp. So what more could you want? How about tall? She is just a touch under 6 foot!

Kathy got re-married a while back and decided to have another baby. 9News did a cute promo about her coming back after maternity leave:

Matthew's Mom

Andy | MySpace Video

So that will end this series on Skyler's TV crushes for now. If I come up with anybody else I missed I might include it later on. Take care everyone!


  1. Anonymous9:04 AM

    What is it with the gigantic weather ladies? Or do small men just gravitate toward careers in journalism?

  2. Ha ha, He must have a thing for meteorologists. She is cute, though.

  3. My grandson used to hang out with her daughter, who is every bit as hot as Kathy is. She is just one of the many things I miss about Colorado.

  4. i have to get skyler to see OUR weather lady


    he has good taste

  5. I miss high school sports... as Kathy was a cheer/song leader.