Jul 28, 2010

Bat Tat Tuesday: OK, ok, so I'm late...

Boy this week has been a bit of a train wreck! Lots of things going on that are demanding my attention, like life and this silly "work" thing that people keep expecting me to do. You think they would have caught on by now that I model my life after Wally from Dilbert.

So lets see what the cat drug in through the swingy door thing that leads to the soft, visceral underbelly of the Internet, shall we?

yep. Don't want non of that fancy reedin shit around here in America!!

Unless you die is some creepy loser fashion like self auto-erotic asphyxiation or something...

Move over Longfellow, there is a new poet in town.

This gets my vote for the new creepiest tat I have posted in awhile. Just because of it's position and how damn lifelike it is!

Look at this, a special guest tat from Scope! He thought enough of this little series to snap a photo on his honeymoon! What a trooper...
Scope said, "Cora and I saw this (guy?) at Coit Tower in San Fran on a Tuesday."

Honestly, I am leaning a bit toward women, but I can't tell. What I can tell is that those are some seriously ugly tats!

Yep, I agree, the game of Life sucks. But I draw the line at advertising that fact on my chest.

What can a person say when it is just this horrific? Worst bet ever lost? Who knows...


  1. Never blue-ball your tattoo artist, and then pass out.

  2. so how youer are you?

    tit eyes noooooo!

    that dame is too tough for me also.

  3. That last one's gonna be the talk of the nursing home in about 55 years.

    The eye? I had a nightmare like that once.

  4. Hahaha, can't pick a favorite.

  5. I think Scope's pic is of a chick (the hand has no visible veins).

    Can't decide whether that last one is a chick or a dude, what with the boobulous-looking chest and the hairy chin...but if that's a guy, his mama must sooooo proud!

    And the tats are ugly too! lol!

  6. In defense of one of them..."to die would be an awfully big adventure" is a line from Peter Pan.

    The Game of Life one is pretty cool...but as you say, that's some pretty poor product placement.

  7. Oh I bet in 30 or 40 years that last one is going to need some viagra too....

    That chick was hardcore....I would have been afraid she would catch me taking the pic.

    I loved the game of life thing - but thats something you get as a poster or bumper sticker - cheese and crackers I hope her boyfriend was a tat artist and did that shit for free.

    That "reedin" one - fuggin A. There are no words.

  8. That Dick Sucka tattoo makes the third eye that left boob shed a tear.

  9. America Fuck Yeah! Reeding is totally for faggots!

    Good god. I wonder if there is a tattoo design so stupid, so ridiculous, that the so called "artist" looks at the client and says, "Dude, you might want to rethink this."

  10. That last tattoo could be worse. It could have said #2 Dick Sucka.

  11. Oooohhh, a dick tatooed on your chest can never be a good thing....
    How drunk and angry do you have to be to do that?

  12. Have you ever taken a stroll through the "Weird Stuff" category on ebay? Every now and then people who are in desperate need of cash put their bodies on auction. They'll commit to tattooing on a specified part of their body whatever the highest bidder wants.

    Yes, really. It's typically guys auctioning off the backs of their bald heads or muscular chests, but sometimes there are well endowed chicks auctioning off their boobies too.

    It's meant to be used for advertising (like having an ad for Burger King sprawled across your back) but I wouldn't be surprised if sometimes the winning bidder is just an asshole looking to make someone do something stupid for a good laugh and ends up winning the auction just to force someone to tattoo "dick sucka" on their chest.

    I saw one once where a guy sold ad space on the back of his head for $10,000.

    Wow, huh?

  13. Anonymous5:26 PM

    I need some ammonia for my eyeballs to cleanse them of those images.

  14. I keep asking why people would do something like that to themselves. But hey, if that's their thing....

  15. wow... you never fail to impress... (or is it DE-PRESS when yew got Dick Suckah on your chest??)