Apr 17, 2008

One of the problems we face in the mountains


  1. ::snort:: so true. we were hoping to steal our neighbors' wifi, but there are too many trees between us, so we had to get our own. >:-(

  2. Thank god we don't have that problem in the midwest!

  3. Anonymous6:00 PM

    We face that problem down here too.

  4. How bad is it that I look for wi-fi when planning my camping trips. Way to rough it, GB.

  5. Yeah, not to mention the frickin' cougars. Them things is pointy.

  6. does a bear reboot in the woods?

  7. No bears in Chicago, but now we've got cougars. Fortunately we killed it before it stole anyone's laptop.

  8. Mountain Mom: Cut down those dang trees! They just burn in the next fire or the beetles get 'em anyway!

    Grant: Yeah, but you have big bugs trying to steal wifi.

    Suze: I'm glad you face you problems instead of running away.

    GB: Sounds pretty tough, do you have a kerosene powered espresso maker also?

    Dave: Stealthy too!

    D-Cap: Not sure, but I hear the Pope shits there...

    Bubs: Damn Cougers, always trying to take what is ours!

  9. heh, the only way we HUMANS can get 'net out here in the sticks is via satelite mounted to the Lodge's roof. As for the animals, that's why we've got 3 pitty bulls, *I* write upstairs with my door closed and when I'm writing on the front porch I chain the laptop to the floor.

    Damned bears... But it's the racoons you REALLY gotta watch out for-- opposable thumbs, and all that...

  10. Bookmarks from the bear:

    www.bearitall.com (X rated)

  11. Note left by the bear:

    I'd like to thank you all for your concern with my ability to get a good signal in my cave. I had to get a second dish for local channels and that really bugged me. My HDTV will be delivered next week, but they're telling me my signal won't be as good because of the altitude up here. So Miss Love, I'm coming to your house to watch the AVs.

    Thanks The Bear

  12. "No Bears in Chicago" Bwa-ha-ha. I'm sure that the Packers agree.