Apr 8, 2008

Need to get that guy out the door?

Ladies, here is a sure fire way to send that unfortunate one night stand running away...

Hot Blonde Gets Rid of One Night Stand - Watch more free videos


  1. I dunno-- if his apartment was a total wreck I could unnerstand whizzin' standing up.

    Then again, I KNEW about this lil' gizmo already and having known a few male-2-female transsexuals myself, my "gaydar" wasn't going off so I knew appearances could be deceptive!!

    Wait, is that TMI??

  2. Totally unrealistic.

    No one wakes up with their makeup looking that perfect.

  3. Captain: You should do a post on this!

    TG: I agree, nobody looks like that after a night rolling around...

  4. Hot tranny mess!

    Well, okay, so not really.

  5. hahahahaha...

    Funny, though--we actually have a couple of those ready in the camping gear downstairs.

  6. I've been fooled in worse ways.

  7. I have one of those! It's the only way to go when you're roped up on some cold ass mountain. Plus, it freaks the guys out to see the girls at the pee flags.