Jul 24, 2009

The "I'm too damn busy to actually write anything Friday"

Yeah I know, we all get busy. It's just that now that they fired my boss, and split our group between two upper managers, I am feeling the need to really turn and burn and crank out some work. So because I am letting you all down who come here for the occasional (well, not so occasional) video and sometimes some actual writing, I will give you a little special treat to take you into the weekend.

A very special treat.

A not safe for work treat.

I mean a really not safe for work you will get fired for playing this at work because it uses f-bombs like you have never heard before!

Have you been warned? Good. Ever want to form your own metal band? You need this info then. I now present Fat Ed's guide to Metal.


  1. There was something remotely adorable about that..

  2. That was kind of freaking awesome. I had no idea there was Lounge Metal. I'm going to iTunes to check it out now.

  3. time to rock
    time to roll
    time to let it all go

  4. Just curious but come to my blog... what's your sign?