Jul 23, 2009

My Ode to Bubs

Dedicated to Bubs over at Sprawling Ramshackle Compound who regularly feature clowns, usually of the freaky variety. I have been collecting a few winners in your honor sir!

Go check out Bubs if you don't already read him, he is maaaavolous.

My favorite, because I love me some Guinness!

I think I choose drugs please.

Childhood trauma can never start too soon.

Why wait for them to grow up a bit before the trauma begins?

I will see this in my nightmares tonight!

Proof of trauma.

Bi polar clownage

Lets not pick him up, he looks creepy. Oh wait! It's OK, he's a clown!

Get your teeth fixed clown.

I will never, ever, be able to get this image out of my head. So I am passing it along to you!

More bad clown teeth!

I like the Polaroid effect of these two, it makes it seem more seedy.

What the hell is with the bad clown teeth!??

Since Bubs in in law enforcement, I thought he might appreciate this one.

Hilarity is coming!

Well, I guess clowns need love too...


  1. That last photo made me laugh out loud! Clowns ARE uber-creepy!

  2. You are now officially in charge of the SRC Mountain Bureau.

  3. I had no idea Michael Moore was an Oklahoma Sooners fan!

  4. Awesome, oh and thanks for the nightmares!!

  5. Hey! Look at that fucking clown! (my fave thing to say when I see a clown, hee!)

    Also, I've decided my legacy will be forming a Clown Union so these freaks can get some damn dental.

  6. And people wonder why clowns scare the shit out of me!

    Btw, thank you for the nightmares I'm going to have tonight. ; )

  7. Clowndom must have bad dental health benefits. It's probably all the co2 from the balloons.

  8. Your teeth would look like hell too if you had to survive on a diet of birthday cake, cotton candy, candy apples, and generic vodka.

  9. I feel sorry for that stripper. Her otherwise really awesome life is probably pretty messed up after having to give that creepy clown a lap dance.

    Poor girl. It's just amazing to think of all the degrading things she has to go through to pay her way through college and to law school.

  10. I have always hated clowns. Thanks for the validation.

  11. Clowns freek me out since I viewed a wonderful movie called "Killer Clowns from outterspace"


  12. Even when I was a little kid, I loved the creature feature double feature shows on tv... more than any cartoons. But clowns made me cry...

  13. i never thought clowns were scary til now
    thanks alot
    oh and btw
    i am going to the circus next week
    nightmares to follow

  14. I'm headed to the kitchen to gouge out my eyes. How are sooo many clowns THAT creepy?

  15. Not sure if I'll sleep tonight now, but I'm definitely forwarding this to my 34-year-old sister who is still terrified of clowns!!

  16. I have an odd fascination with really creepy clowns. That being said, after this little photo journey through creepy clowndom, I need to go wash my eyes out with bleach, thank you very much.

  17. Guest2:11 PM

    Not enough bullets...

    BTW, Cormac here, can you please change the commenting back to the old Blogger style?