Jul 10, 2009

In touch with my feminine side

Hey everybody, I am a guest blogger for Real Live Lesbian today.

Say whaaaa?

That's right, I get to sit in for the RLL, come on over!


  1. And you did a fine job!

  2. I always suspected you were a lesbian.. after all we know how much you like women!!

  3. Thanks much phd!

    Dizz: Here I just thought I was a typical horny guy until I read Real Live Lesbian...

  4. Great post! And I made it all the way through! But I think I was amazed I could read it all the way through without being confused because I thought I was reading Kurt at Monster Apathy. I apologize for the confusion. I usually give up by the second paragraph of his stream-of-consciousness blogging.

    You, I can read.

  5. Awesome post. Very funny, witty, and nice story at the end to wrap it all up. xo

  6. Pop and Ice: Thanks for following me over there, and tolerating my babbling...

    Diane: You are always so kind to me, how much do I owe you again?