Jul 29, 2009

Random Comics/Cartoons

Lets face it, the well is more than a bit dry around the "Some Days It's Not Worth Chewing Through the Leather Straps" headquarters these days. Work keeps me hopping, Skyler is home a lot more now that he is out of school, and I find myself (I mean the staff finds themselves) with far less surfing time than they previously had.

So what to do? Why, fall back on old folders full of crap that need to be cleaned out and share with literally 10's of my closest friends out her in Blogtown USA.

So today we present you with comics and cartoons that at some point in my most likely alcohol induced state made me laugh. I hope they do the same for you. If not, get ripped on your favorite discount beer or box of wine, repeat as necessary...


  1. As a nanny who is verrrrry familiar with the works of Dr Seuss, let me just gather together all my professionalism and eloquence and say this: YOUR DR SEUSS BOOKS ARE FREAKING AWESOME, SKY DAD!!!! I WANT 'EM!!!!

  2. Daffy Duck has ADD! I knew it!

  3. Thank you, especially for the zombie food pyramid!

  4. The Seuss ones are hilarious...thanks for the laugh

  5. J.J. in L.A.5:33 PM

    Great job! My favs were Noah's Ark and Dr. Seuss...and this gave me an idea for a future blog, so thanks for that! :-D

  6. Guest7:31 PM

    That Smokey - always giving out the best advice :-P