Jan 22, 2011

Advertising 101

These are some advertisements that some businesses thought might be a good idea, but then they failed to run them by, oh I don't know... anybody with a brain! 

 Allison is only going after the classy clientele.

 I don't know what I like best about this one.  "P"ta feels the need to fill up every blank space with words, or that it is an "expungement special".  Or maybe it is the line "This is an advertisement"...

 Yes, when I look for somebody to turn my house, I am immediately drawn to the guy who willingly equates himself to masturbation!

 I swear that at first glance I thought it said this lamb sells condoms.  That would have made it a whole different ad.

 Cause we all know the babies line up for bigger boobs.

 You couldn't wait a couple of weeks until the shiner faded, could you?

 Ugh, just ugh...

 Not average at all.  Pretty amazing that a cat can perform plastic surgery.

 I picture them wheeling one of these guys into the courtroom in chains like King Kong.

 He will beat a bitch for a deal.

I love that she is throwing out the "Isacc from Love Boat" double finger point move!


  1. OMG. WANKET. Wahahaha!

    Not only is is sad enough he got stuck with that name, he actually uses it to suggest he's a wanker. That's.....disturbing. :) My favourite part is where he says "Birth certificate available on request" because he's THAT PROUD OF HIS NAME.

    Also I'm beyond delighted he not only has Wanket but also Dick in his name. I am 12.

    Actually all of those are horrible. And if their ads are that bad how bad are their actual services? Yikes.

  2. These are worse than late night infomercials...and that's saying something.

  3. These are great. LA's dopiest attorney needs to keep her picture out of her ads. She looks like the client instead of the attorney.

    Mr. Wanket is trying a little too hard to make up for all the psychological scarring he got in the 7th grade.

    I too saw condoms in Brad's ad. Boy, he's got a purty mouth.

    Ricki Gerger needs to put down those guns before she hurts herself.

  4. Wow, don't those people have friends and family who love them enough to stop them from making assess of themselves? The Wanket one kind of made me throw up in my mouth a bit. No one needs to see those dirty phrases in big bold Helvetica. Blech. (Thanks for the laugh!) - G

  5. Great stuff & a very funny blog....your newest fan, D

  6. ::blink:: I bet the dope lady lawyer does a pretty good business, tho...

  7. So, where is Charles E. Moore, M.D. located? In a hollowed out volcano lair, no doubt. He'll not only lift your saggy ass, he'll do it for one hundred million dollars.

  8. Pfffft! Is that the lawyer with the black eye or is that the client with a personal injury? I'm confused.

  9. And I'm with Veggie: what's this "Rich" crap? If he's going to do an ad like that he ought to just come right out and call himself Dick Will Wanket.

  10. What does the onion have to do with real estate?