Jan 11, 2011

Bad Tat Tuesday: Dedicated to Lily

This Tuesday is all about my friend Lily from over at Liliums Realm. She has been knocking it out of the park lately sending me some great additions to the bad tat collection! 

First off, she found the ultimate guide for helping you determine if you are making a huge mistake with your tat or not.  Check this wonderful diagram out:

Isn't that just perfect?  Puts everything I post on Tuesdays into perspective.

Now for the rest of the great ink she passed my way:

 I guess that one is great for cheating on a geography quiz or something.

 Because with bad tats, it's really all about the respect!

 Holy overdone Batman!  Go big or go home is this fan boys motto.

And finally, I had to capture the explanation that came with this piece of work.  Congrats on the weight loss there Cathy, but I think I would spend my 22 hours and 2000 pounds on something that might not be out of style in another couple of years.


  1. The Tattoo Locations poster is awesome! Well done, Lily!

    The map tat on the feet HAD to have hurt! Youch!

    And maybe that last (formerly fat) chick is hoping Twilight becomes the next Wizard of Oz.

  2. "so she can get her torso covered in Cullens."

    I'm not sure what/who the hell "Cullen" is. It's too bad Earl Sheib went out of business this summer. He could have painted her torso for far less money.

  3. I saw the first Twilight movie. And let me tell you, I would rather stare at that woman's back tattoo for 6 hours straight than be forced to watch any of the sequels.

  4. A grown ass woman admitting she's a Twilight fan, much less defacing her body to prove it, is the saddest bit of sad in Sad Town.

  5. "covered in Cullens" might be my new favourite phrase! :) Seriously though, a full back Twilight tattoo? I'd probably send that lady for a psych exam. That's crazytown right there.

    The Star Wars one is great art but you really want it on your body? Bizarre. At least it's well executed. Sort of like that Twilight lady should be.

  6. Well then, here's to being socially acceptable but rebellious. I really like your bad tat tues theme.

    Just a friendly fyi that SDINWCTTLS has been added to the scrolling blogroll @ Venom, Secrets, & Lies!

  7. Wow. That last one is so scary. Does she get that tattoos are permanent?

  8. That chart is awesome times 100. "You'll never get a job that pays taxes" - priceless!

  9. My god, that poster is so dead-on!

  10. I wanna see a reality show where they follow over-tattooed people around with cameras watching them on job interviews and blind dates and stuff like that. I bet that's some entertaining stuff!

  11. I actually like the map one. Perhaps not the best location, but the idea is kind of cool.

    Plus, Antarctica is loaded with penguins and toe cheese.

  12. That Star Wars tattoo is ridiculous! Why would an AT-ST Walker ever be firing at Imperial Guardsmen?!
    I mean sure Chewbacca and a pair of Ewoks commandeered an AT-ST walker in Return of The Jedi, so it is conceivable that maybe you'd depict it firing at stormtroopers. But Royal Guardsmen? Come on! Why would the Emperor's Royal Guardsmen ever be on the forest moon of Endor?! Inconceivable!

  13. Thank you all for your comments, I wish work wasn't so damn busy and I could reply individually!

  14. That chart is brilliant!

  15. **bowing**
    I know I rock.
    Don't worry SkyDad, there is so much more to come.