Jan 15, 2011

The Laptop is a Dead Duck

As I mentioned in my Facebook status, the hard drive and motherboard on my laptop took a big dump and now I am looking for recommendations on a replacement.  I have had Dell the last 3 computers I owned and never had problems up until now.  I can't switch over to a Mac because of the price difference and the software I need to recover off of my backup hard drive.

Lots of different opinions so far, but it looks like Dell, Acer, Sony and HP are getting the love.

What do all of you here in Bloggeritaville think?


  1. You don't pay me to think! Nobody does!

  2. If I was ever forced to go back to using a PC (and it would take force, firearms, and probably controlled substances) I would go with a Dell.

    It's too bad a Mac isn't an option for you. It's true what they say...once you go Mac you'll never go back.

  3. You want my opinion again? ; )

    When I was stuck in bed last winter I used my sister's Mac laptop. After a week, I gave mom the money to go out and get me a netbook. lol! I guess I'm just not an Apple girl.

  4. I so miss my Mac's too. And understand you can't do the switch over now....horror truly. But I have a Dell for my desktop and an Acer Netbook for on the run.

    What do you need right now? Cost, mobility, bells and whistles?

    If just need to get online at a low cost I suggest a netbook. http://us.acer.com/showrooms/aspireone/ao532h.htm
    If you need the inputs, outputs and all of that....Dell is good.

  5. Anonymous1:07 PM

    I asked the same question recently, and lots of friends recommended the Acer or the Toshiba. The Toshiba fan has five laptops and a few more desk top computers her family right now that they put through the ringer, and she had nothing but good things to say about them.

  6. "I think it needs rehearsal."

    ---George Harrison
    Yellow Submarine

  7. Anonymous9:12 PM

    I have an Acer mini lap-top and an Acer CPU. I've had both for about three years now. So far so good. That's the extent of my computer knowledge. Good luck finding a good replacement. - G

  8. Loving Dale's comment!
    I always go with the DELL outlet and get refurbished. And by "always" I mean roughly every 7-8 years after we've driven the current one into the ground.

  9. I have a desktop, so I won't be much help. I'm interested to hear what you decide, though.

  10. Your computer took a big dump.....hahahAaaaaaa.!

    I gotta tell you...I have a Dell and an iPad. I fricken LOVE MY IPAD. but....it's not for everything. I still need my PC which is a Dell. But for cheap $ and email, facebook, blogging, and shopping, nothing compares to my iPad's convienience.