Jan 13, 2011

Old Time Advertisements and Pictures

I have been doing a little cleanup on some folders and I forgot I had some of these tucked away for blogging usage. Such is the amazing command and control functions inside the evil lair of Mount Sky-Dad...

I was going to put these over at Fire That Agency, but there really isn't any theme, rhyme or reason to this (like every other post you toss up Sky-dad, I hear you say?) so I will just throw a little electronic spaghetti on the wall and see what sticks.

That's right, I am the metaphor king.

If life makes you eat the weiner, it might as well be skinless.

Are we selling shoes or boobs here?  Wow, even back then sex sold.

It's never too soon to jack your kid up on massive amounts of sugar!

Not really an ad, but done in that old fashioned way.  And I loved it!

Nope. Nothing homo-erotic going on here.  Move long now everyone, move along...

This is just weird as all hell.  This is an old card that was available in a hotel lobby according to the info that came with this picture. 

I think I found my new fall-back occupation in case this gig goes away!

Did somebody really think this was a good idea at one point?

I only thought the little girl driving the gator wagon was weird.  I now stand corrected!

Moving on to slightly more modern times, finally some relief from that horrendous job of cracking eggs!

That's right.  The blowing game blows!  According to the packaging, it is an intelligence game.  The smart kids don't get fooled into playing the blowing game with weird uncle Herbert.

All it took was breath spray?  How long have I tried to be Canadian and never knew it was this easy!!

And finally, I thought this was campy as all hell.  This is an old still of how they filmed the original batman climbing scenes.  As if anybody out there thought the were actually climbing a wall!


  1. Whatever boob lady is selling, I'm buying.

  2. Skinless wieners spread disease.

  3. We Canadians have been searching for an national identity - who knew it was our breath? Must be beer scented.

  4. I think a guy used "My skinless weiner is so tender for you, baby" as a pick up line on me once. And of course it worked.

  5. Loved these! Especially the Cola Baby ad..."gives the body essential sugars"? Haha! I suppose since they don't have their permanent teeth yet that it's okay.

    And I knew the Batman trick. I may have been young, but I wasn't stupid. ; )

  6. I can't even give Boob Lady my full attention because I'm so distracted by the disembodied pair of legs behind her.

    And I think every busy Mom should have The Blowing Game for their kids. The first one who passes out wins, right?

  7. Anonymous10:20 AM

    Ivory Soap...99-44/100% Pure, 56% Sodomy.

  8. Those are great. The bowling boob one was pretty effective.

  9. A lot of thought went into the skinless wieners ad. I mean, there was even a song about how the wiener got rid of its skin. That's a marketing team run amok.

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  11. WAIT, wait, waitwaitwaitwaitwaitwaitwaitwaitwait... Batman & Robin... were...NOT... really climbing...that...building?? I... I feel... I don't know... violated somehow...

  12. I loved the old Batman and Robin when I was a kid... forget sesame street!

  13. Pffft! We watched an old Batman wall climbing scene just two weeks ago. Gwen is still laughing about it even now.