Jan 24, 2011

Bad Tat Tuesday; The Crash Aftermath

You will be happy to know (or maybe you won't) that I was able to recover some of the tats that were on the backups from my laptop crash.  Others that were still in email were lost, so if you sent me anything that I haven't already posted, please resend it to me.

(is that a resounding huzzah I hear from the internettubes?)

So without further ado, away we go...

 I don't think it is the giraffe tat that bothers me, but the way it is licking the guys nip that is so skeevy!

 Old school boom box may be a repeat, it is hard to tell.  But it is worth another look.


 Who doesn't love bacon?  But who could love those toes?

Not an actual tat, but I like the take on the Escher print!

Look for more next week as I continue the recovery efforts, including a submission from the always great MJENKS!!


  1. The bacon tat (and others you've posted in past) make me understand why tattoos can be so expensive. It's not the ink. Right now, I'm feeling that those poor artists probably don't earn enough...

  2. I'm glad you could recover some of your files. The giraffe is pretty cool, even if it does have a hankering for nips. And I don't know if that boom box tat is a repeat. I think I'd remember that face.

  3. I still have the image of that guy with the back tat's muffin top...

    ya think his pants are too small? ya think???

  4. Those toes sure are skeevy !!

  5. I'm with Connie. I never really thought about the tattoo artists having to touch all these people and all their various nasty body parts. Ugh. Some poor person touched those feet! Makes me wanna send flowers to the local tattoo parlor.

  6. Anonymous8:27 AM

    Ditto to the comments above about touching gross body parts. Ewwww! I'd never really thought about what those artists have to get close to, but those toes said it all. Gross! - G

  7. Giraffes eat nipples in the wild. That's just a scientific fact.

  8. I love Giraffes. When I win the lottery and become an eccentric multi-millionaire I plan on having a couple of giraffes as pets.

  9. My daughter is freaked out by feet. Those toes would pretty much ruin her for life.

  10. if you love bacon that much then it's probable that you eat a whooole helluva lot of it... which might explain a lot..