Sep 26, 2008

Clutter, and the nickle tour!

I was just reading over at Bubs place about clutter, refrigerator items, and general family stuff. I thought I would invite you all over to our place.

First comes the item everyone is talking about, the refrigerator. At least I think there is a refrigerator under all those magnets and pictures...

One item of note, we are proud owners of the original set of Starbucks magnets where you can pull them all apart and spell out cute little phrases. Remember these?

At the front of the house is our "living room" where we don't really live. It is consumed by a computer center that has Skyler's iMac on the left with a larger external monitor so he can see better, and the family computer in the center. On the right is a flatbed scanner that I will gladly scan in my ass for a nominal fee...

Moving to the left is a couch and bookcase, mostly with junk. Couches are always covered because of 4-legged family members. The picture on the wall is the 20th Anniversary Boulder Bolder 10K race commemorative print!

As if on command, Yordi shows up to take his on patrol, attack dog position on the couch where he can observe all possible threats...

Swing farther around the front of the house, and you find more clutter. The latest addition since we had Skyler's surgery is a lift and a cot where we change him. Yes, I know it's in the living room, but it's the only place large enough to swing everything around and into place.

You make a lot of accommodations with a special needs kid!

Lets all walk down the hall into Sky-Dad command central. Come on, walk now, lets go... Put down globe, you can find out where Iraq is later...

When I started working from home, I took over the spare bedroom we had and moved in. Again, lot's of crap! This is how we tend to live, everything is clean, but stacked up and cluttered.

Linksys wireless router, switch, voice over IP console, voice mail storage system, and phone are all part of the gig! I write about most of these products, including a whole lot more.

As a matter of fact, this entire post has been brought to you by a mind-numbing conference call!


  1. Awesome self portrait! You should use it as your avatar.

  2. I second the self-portrait as avatar.

    Hey, I noticed your two running stickers on the fridge--those are cool. I have an oval "26.2" sticker like that on my cabinets at work. And I dig the whole mission-control set up your computer areas have. If my stuff was set up like that I'd spend all day in a swivel chair, wearing a headset, barking commands like William Shatner.

  3. Flan and Bubs: I believe Sans may have my avatar completed, click on his link!

    Thanks Sans!

  4. You're a riot....

    If you ever do get rid of some stuff, just don't lose the dog. ;)

  5. that fridge kills me!

  6. Genn6: Thanks for stopping by, I want to follow your blog, what's the name?

    Teri: We take after Kathy's mom, you can't tell what color hers is with all the pictures!

  7. Where's the ass scan?

  8. Dude... Alice magnet? Boy, you are a sap. ;)

  9. Beth: Careful what you ask for... ;^)

    GKL: If it comes in the mail, and will hold a picture, it goes on the 'fridge!!

  10. Hahahahahaha, love this...

  11. Back in the olden days when we all had castles, there was lots of wall space to hang pictures. Now that we live in our urban and suburban caves, the refrigerator is our art gallery and the bathroom our library.

  12. Anonymous11:51 PM

    I'm carefully asking for an ass scan.