Sep 30, 2008

Fans on the Field 10K Race

Sunday the 28th we ran in one of our favorite races, the Fans on the Field. Last year we did the 5K, and this year we signed up for the 10K because we wanted to go into all 3 venues. The race is called Fans on the Field because you get to run through the places where the professional teams play here in the Denver area.

The 5K goes through Pepsi center where the Nuggets and Avalanche play, and through the new Mile High stadium. The 10K goes further towards lower downtown and through Coors Field where the Rockies play. It is a well supported race, in it's 3rd year and already has about 7000 runners! It is for a great cause, the National Sports Center for the Disabled (NSCD) where Skyler goes to ski in a sit-ski.

Skyler is getting tough to run with! He outgrew the big, modified jogging stroller we had for him, so we push him in his wheelchair. Between him and the chair, it's about 170 pounds or so. You feel every stinking little hill, let me tell you...

We carried along our video camera, and took a bit of really shaky video. Sorry about the quality, it's hard to run and shoot at the same time!

The first place is Coors Field:

Next up, you go through the Pepsi Center. Skyler wanted to stop and chat with the cheerleaders, but I said we have to keep our pace up...

The race finishes up by going through Investco Field at Mile High, which is the new Mile High stadium. There is a camera set up at the end and you get to see yourself up on the Jumbotron. But we had too much shaking (ahem Mom!) so we didn't get that shot.


  1. Man, great job! You guys look great.

    One of the best times I ever had was running the Indy 500 half marathon, and the course includes a lap around the track. wicked cool.

  2. Congrats to you both - I get winded just clicking on those videos.

  3. Pistols beat me to it, dammit. I would have stopped in Coors Field and demanded beer. STAT.

  4. Bubs: That sounds excellent, did you stop to kiss the bricks?

    Pistols: If you ever make it out this way we will take you on a run - just after you sign these papers turning everything in your vast kingdom over to us.

    Leonesse: The problem with the beer in Coors field is that it's Coors...

  5. Anonymous7:03 PM

    You rock!

  6. How big did Skyler smile at those cheerleaders?!

  7. Pepsi and Coors field, ay?? Hmmm... I could say something about overcommercialization, but why bother?

    What I DO feel like commenting about is what's all this "keep up the pace" nonsense when theres pretty cheerleaders to rap with?? Good grief, man, you can't possibly be THAT competitive!! Can you??

  8. That's a really cool event - and it looks like Skyler had a blast.

  9. Suze: Thanks so much!

    GKL: It was funny, he was more interested in watching me to make sure I had him on video! What a ham...

    Captain: Kidding dude, kidding.

    Kat: He had a great time, he loves running with us.

  10. Wait, wait, wait...he wanted to stop and chat with the cheerleaders? How can you deny that? Sometimes you just have to give in to your child's whims.

  11. I'm with Miller, I think that may be some form of Teenager Abuse. You were supposed to pretend you didn't know him, anyway.

  12. You are one amazing dad!

    And dude, it's ALL about the cheerleaders, mkay?

  13. Very cool. Thanks for sharing the experience.