Sep 19, 2008

Since I Missed Quick Joke Friday

While in my funk I had no sense of humor. Many of you will say I still don't have one, read on!

A young soldier was learning to parachute. He was given the following instructions: Jump when you are told; count to ten and pull the rip cord. In the event that it doesn't open, pull the second chute open. When you get down, a truck will take you back to the base.

When the plane had reached the proper altitude, the men started jumping out. The soldier jumped when told. He counted to ten and pulled the cord, but the chute failed to open. He proceeded to the backup plan, pulling the cord of the second chute. It, too, failed to open. "This is just great," he complained. "And I bet the truck won't be there either."


  1. Anonymous8:32 PM

    You are o.k., that was funny!

  2. now, that's EXACTLY what I would say, because that sorta crap is exactly what would happen to ME.

  3. I am afraid I am in worse than a funk. I am beyond funk at this time. In fact, I feel like the guy jumping out of the plane.