Sep 24, 2008

The Summer-Long Project

Back at the end of April I started on a project for my wife to tear out a bunch of old bushes that were dieing in front of our house, and replace them with a planting area she could put flowers and whatever in.

The project started off wonderfully, when I found that the bushes were in such bad shape that the root systems were dead, and I could tear them out pretty easy.

I had all of the bushes torn out, and the rock that they grew out of all shoveled and raked out of the way, and then in an unrelated event, I tore the rotator cuff in my left shoulder.

This left my project unfinished, and in just about the worst possible place for it to be, with all the rock piled up and no way for me to start laying in blocks to build up the area. But Kathy was pretty understanding about the whole thing, and as the summer moved on with no flowers, I finally had rehabbed enough to finish things up.

I moved in a whole bunch of decorative blocks, found a place that had some fill dirt to build up the level, and then put in a bunch of planting soil. Over the last couple of weeks Kathy has run around shopping for some of the more hardy types of flowers, Mums and the like, to get her flower fix. Just in time for our weather to start to change to cold nights with Fall creeping in.

So next year it will look nice, but for now it is a bit sparse. here are a couple of pictures...


  1. Nice. And it will look better next year when it fills in. I love doing planting in the fall and imagining what it will look like in the spring. We're getting ready for a round of that here.

  2. If you are looking to change vocations, I could use a full time gardener/grounds keeper.

    Looks nice!


  3. I'm so useless in the yard - our next house is going to be condo. Looks good - I'm jealous.

  4. Can you be my landscaper? I need to have so much done in my yard, I just can't do it by myself. G man is not a good yard working partner, so I need someone else.....I will supply the beer

  5. Love the mums! I've got some guys coming Saturday to dig some beds for me.

    See...I do have a use for men! LOL

    You did a great job! It's beautiful!

  6. very nice. I like the raised bed.

  7. Hey, thanks everyone!

  8. I saw that someone was bringing beer, so I'm in too.