Nov 27, 2008

Alice's Restaurant

It's not Thanksgiving until you have heard the song!

In case you haven't heard it on the radio today, a nice collage of live performance and clips from the movie.

But mostly, just to get the fat chick off of the top of my blog!


  1. I love this song! I listen to it every year on Thanksgiving. And I love the movie, too.

  2. For years I've listened to this song (along with the Motorcycle Song, of course), having NO idea that there was a movie! Is it any good?

  3. "...and all ya' need to do to join the Movement is sing along when it comes around again on the git-tar!!"

    I renewed my membership this afternoon-- I've been a proud member of the Thanksgivin' Day Anti-Massacree movement since I was about 17!!

  4. "Officer Obie, I cannot tell a lie; I PUT that envelope with my name on it at the bottom of that half a ton of garbage..."

    There's a "progressive rock" station here in Chicago, WXRT, that has a deejay, Teri Hemmert, who plays the song at 11:00 am every Thanksgiving for as many years as I can remember. I think she started it in the 1970's. I missed it a few years while I was downstate in college, but since then, I've rarely missed it. Thankfully, my stepdaughter reminded me today.

    "Obie-- it's gonna be hard to pick up the garbage with these handcuffs on..."

    I saw Arlo Guthrie, along with Pete Seeger, on July 12, 1979, at the Ravinia Music Theater. There's a specific reason I can recall that date, having to do with an event in Chicago history. I was supposed to go to Disco Demolition Night at the old Comiskey Park that night, but a couple of friends and I had bought tickets for the Guthrie/Seeger concert already. When we went home, we ran into friends who been at Comiskey that night on the train home. They were beside themselves with excitement.

  5. THANK YOU for posting it. Our radio station plays it every year, but I missed it yesterday! I was bummed out, but not anymore!

  6. Haven't heard this since...last year.

  7. Ah, definitely a classic :) Thanks!

  8. Anonymous7:35 PM

    Once, when I was a wee tot, I was at my grandma's house, sleeping on the floor with a bunch of my cousins when the song "Alice's Restaurant" came on over my little transistor radio. I kept poking my cousin Alice, trying to wake her up so she could hear "her" song, but she wouldn't wake up. She was dead to the world. Bitch.

  9. Thanks for reminding me what Thanksgiving is truly about- taking out the garbage.