Nov 23, 2008

Dads Night

Johnny Yen has tagged me with a new meme-- the "Dad's Night" tag. The premise is that the wife is out that night and it's just you and the kids hanging out. What movies would you watch with them?

This is tough for me to do because Skyler really doesn't like movies. Movies, as well as most TV shows, tend to be too dynamic for his sensory system to handle. That is why he likes watching the news, Jeopardy, and things that are more constant. Even though the shows and the news are different each night, the studio set and what happens re the same. It gives him continuity and he doesn't get scared by something, thus bringing on a seizure.

So I would spend the night watching some DVDs or old tapes of some of his favorite news people, or maybe some home movie type of videos when he was a young dude.

Thanks for the tag JY, and I tag the two gentlemen who take care of my beer reviews and general hilarity, Doc and Ergo over at Social Zymurgy: The culture of beer.


  1. Not having children, if my wife were to leave for a night (Lord forbid -- 'cause I don't know how to cook and the cat sucks at it) we'd probably end up watching Daily Show reruns on the DVR, or the Animal Planet. Zoey-dog likes the Animal Planet. The cat doesn't much care for anything -- I think he's too culturally advanced to hang out with me and the dog for long. He just sits there, reading Tolstoy, sharpening his claws...

  2. That's fascinating-- I learned something about your kid that I didn't know before!

  3. If you and Skyler by chance have a "Robin Meade Greatest Hits" tape in your collection, I'll bring the chips and salsa. Just let me know.

  4. Robin Meade.. Yep I could watch her al day. But I'm pretty versed with the children, having 9 of them you better be. Currently 4 left in the nest now all under 9 with a set of 4 yo twins. We would do as we normally do. play legos, watch Animal Planet or a collection of other things. And yes I cook very well. But, my wife is a Hot-Tie.

  5. you're such a good dad

  6. egad!! Tagged again!!

    ::krakks knuckles::