Nov 6, 2008

Well, OK. One more political post

But it is so good it needs to be shared.


  1. So, I have to commend you, dear sir. You've won my award for best commenter of the day. Twice now today I have literally busted out laughing at your awesome comments.

    In no particular order, they are as follows:

    On Dr. Zibbs' blog, That Blue Yak, in reference to women writing the blog slogan on their breasts, you wrote:

    Wonderful Zibbs! I was going to send you a picture of the words down the side of my unit, but I only made it to GOO before I ran out of room...

    On Grant Miller Media, in reference to his question of whether or not users of Sitemeter can see when he clicks over from their blog to a porno site:

    I get a little alert ping whenever you go to a porn site.

    It actually sounds like a phone ringing most of the time, I probably should turn that off.

    You are fucking funny, SD, always. But today you take the cake. You're welcome. ;)

  2. I'm really happy about Obama. He's going to be a great president. But as I look at this cartoon, and find it way cool, I can't help noticing it's still all _men_ who are created equal.

  3. Amen, my brother. Amen.

  4. excellent, excellent... I LOVE that guys political cartoons-- he's got a book of 'em called "At Least Our Bombs are Getting Smarter".


  5. I love this cartoonist, but the paper I subscribe to - The Chicago Sun-Times - only runs him once a week.

  6. Excellent cartoon!

  7. Brilliant!

    In our life time....