Nov 17, 2008

Lunch with Kristi and 'Lil Obama

I had a nice lunch with GKL today, and she got to meet 'Lil Obama in person. He had been bugging me non-stop to set up a date with her, so I finally said yes just to get him off my back!

But seriously, the guy was a tad out of control at the prospect of meeting her (who can blame him?) but on the ride up I had to put him in his place...

Well dang it, the video cut off before you got to see me slap him off the dashboard...


  1. He is excited, isn't he...

  2. Fun lunch, thanks for bringing the lil' prezie o'lect with you!

  3. I hear he's got a real Napoleon complex...

  4. Anonymous11:09 AM

    Man, you should be Vice President with that stern "Settle the hell down" thing :)

  5. Anonymous11:19 AM

    I had no idea Kristi was so exquisitely beautiful.

  6. It's always a bad idea to videotape yourself slapping anything.