Mar 22, 2009

An embarrassment of riches!

What a week it has been! I have been nominated not once, but twice in the Crazy 8 meme! As I understand it, the prize patrol will be arriving at my door any moment with a huge cardboard check with my cash award and...

What's that? No big check? OK, so I jumped the gun a bit there, my bad.

But what I have here is even better than money. POWER! Yes, now that I control the blog world I shall rule with an iron fist...

Say what? No power you say? Hmmm, I had so many plans for you all in my underground factory.

Well what the heck, no money, no power, but the next best thing is bloggy love, and I am feeling it baby!! Thanks so much to Doc over at SOCIAL ZYMURGY: THE CULTURE OF BEER, and to Flannery Alden over at Prone to Whimsy for the tag(s).

This comes with some legal jargon that I must attend to, so lets get that out of the way, shall we? (ahem)

“These bloggers are exceedingly charming. These kind bloggers aim to find and be friends. They are not interested in self-aggrandizement. Our hope is that when the ribbons of these prizes are cut, even more friendships are propagated. Please give more attention to these writers. Deliver this award to eight bloggers who must choose eight more and include this cleverly-written text into the body of their award.”

This marks the very first time that "charming" has ever been used at the same time as my name, I need to pause for a moment to collect myself...

I thank Doc and Flannery very much for the love, and you could not find two better souls out here on the inter-webs if you looked for a hundred years.

So who to pick for my 8 now that must carry on the meme? So many people out there to chose from, and I don't want to leave anyone out. So I will fire up that random selector widgit and let it's chaos and complexity simulation feature pick from my blog-roll:

First up is Kirby from I make no promises. Kirby entertains us with her home schooling stories as well as hands out some of the most wonderful comments you will ever receive.

Second up is Johnny Yen from Here Comes Johnny Yen Again. A fellow space nut, and wealth of all sorts of different information, JY will make you laugh out loud with one post, then make you cry with the next. And to top it off, the best dad there is.

Third comes Chris Radloff from Random Midnight Thoughts. Chris was in the service, so we have that instant connection. I love his stories about his life in the Midwest, and of his beautiful flower Dagmar. Drop over to his place and read, then go visit his business website and give the guy some work, will ya?

Spot #4 is none other than the women who got me into blogging,
GETkristiLOVE from Two Minutes In The Box. I worked at a computer company with Kristi where we were cube mates together, and still get the opportunity to see her for lunches and the occasional happy hour. (jealous dudes? you should be!) Kristi keeps me close to the mountains by proxy, since I don't ever have the chance to get up and do any climbing anymore.

Fifth is Suze from Suzel's Sass. Talk about someone who dishes out the laughs! Suze is also a fellow LOST fan so we talk about how confused we are offline. It's good to have someone else be confused along with me, makes me feel just a tad less idiotic. Of course she could just be humoring me, and I am an idiot.. Would she do that? Probably...

The sixth spot belongs to a fellow Coloradoan, Mountain Mom from Life with Altitude. I have had the pleasure of meeting her and getting to chat for lunch, and she didn't get up mid-meal and run away. So you know this girl has a strong constitution! Of course it could be that we both share brain damage from lack of oxygen also...

Seven is EG4K, from What I Like about the Universe. Is there anything that he doesn't know a lot about? Seriously, pick a subject and he can talk intelligently about it. He is another fellow space nut, has a kick-ass lady in his life, Red who also posts on his blog, an made me a Level 1 Operative!!! So how cool is that? I mean really... Drop over to read him, and while there, click on the Walk MS graphic and help beat this disease.

Spot number 8 is up for grabs. It is for anybody who would like to participate in this, because there are just too many people to nominate for this. Blogging has been a wonderful outlet and a way to connect with a bunch of great people out there.

You all rock!


  1. Just checked out the two blogs here that I haven't heard of.

  2. Congrats on the award! I think your randon widget sector is broke, for it did not randomly nominate me. Which is fine with me :) I know the 8th one is up for grabs, but it is too much like work!

    I WILL go check the other blogs out. Always nice to read fresh stuff.

  3. *sniff* I feel so... so... touched. (A lot of people think I'm a little touched, actually.) Well, now that I think of it I feel a little ill, but I'm sure that's not your fault.

    I'm off to go choose my peeps!

  4. Anonymous4:17 PM

    Oh thank you! You really surprised me. Congrats to you too. You truly deserve the award. Although let's clear something up, I do not think you're an idiot (I typed this real slow because I know sometimes you don't read so fast). Thank you!!!

  5. No, SkyDad, YOU rock! And one day in the very near future, we are going to meet up again and have a Guinness. :)

  6. Anonymous4:32 PM

    Well thank you very much. Hey wait a minute, does this mean extra work for me or what?

  7. Congratulations, Prince Charming (see what I did there?! *wink*)

  8. Thanks for the award, but I've got to correct you on one thing: I'm the second best dad around. You are amazing and an inspiration.

  9. I got this too from Coaster Punchman - and you and I both nominated Radloff. Great minds think alike.