Mar 24, 2009

Fat Spider Monkey

I really don't know which is weirder. The fact that this fat spider monkey was found is a kids backyard, or that the guy being interviewed actually used the word "incredulous".


  1. He brobably just learnt that there word on his "wurd of da day" calendar and couldn't wait to use it. I am more incredulous at the chunky monkey and how the owners let it get so fat!

  2. I bet he reads Harry Potter. Incredulous is in each book at least four times.

    That is one chunky monkey!!!!

  3. Anonymous2:44 PM

    Only in America would someone own a Spider Monkey that eats junk food.

  4. "...seein' as how monkeys are not indigenous species here..."


    How much bacon, fried catfish and moon pies do you think that monkey has eaten over the years?

  5. I've never seen a fat monkey before. Guess I can cross that one off my list now...