Mar 31, 2009

Winter returns it's hold

We have had a very strange winter around here. It started off at the end of last year with a lot of snow, all the ski areas were doing well, and we had above average snowpack. Then it stopped just like someone flipped a switch. We had a couple of months with nothing but wind, which I just hate.

Now we have two more storms coming after getting a huge dumping of snow. All the meteorologists are trying to explain it, but I know the secret. They finally replaced the Elf...


  1. Your comment box "wondered why they were here" I ALWAYS know why I am her.. to get a great laugh

    Poor little elf.

    I hope your weather straightens out soon.. I will send you some Florida sun.. if it ever returns

  2. We've had a weird winter too. It doesn't want to end. Stupid elves!

  3. I trust that Keebler doesn't have this same problem.

    It's a beautiful day o'er here in NE Ohio, should you wanna stop o'er for a beer. I went for a 3 mile walk in only a light pullover and the neighbours are out futzing in the back yard. I'm sure I'll smell charcoal as evening comes on.

    So, stop by when U get th' chance!!

  4. I don't think that's "snow", dude. And I'm deeply suspicious of these so-called "elves".

    Everyone knows that elves have long, flowing white hair and smell like Orlando Bloom.

  5. hahahahaha well i hope you, the mrs, and skyler get out to enjoy the snow! i love a good blizzard, to be warm and cozy inside with something good simmering on the stove top.


    stay warm!


  6. I'm sorry. I had to do it.... I could stand that little fucker.

  7. Don't forget to dye your eggs this Sunday, or you'll never find them in all that snow.

  8. Well I'm so glad that security is still tight up there. Elves - can't live with them...apparently now you CAN shoot them.

  9. Aren't you glad you bought all that snowcone syrup for your anniversary? You did buy the syrup didn't you?


  10. Seriously, winter - why don't you go ahead and suck it?