Oct 20, 2009

Bad Tat Tuesday!!!

Welcome back troopers, and thanks for visiting Bad Tat Tuesday once again. You are all proving that it takes a lot more than crap ink to give you the willys!

I only have a few to share this week, could it be that we are running out of bad art on bodies? I think not, I just have been collecting some that are all going into the Not Safe For Work bin.

Stay tuned troopers.

This can go with the 5 dudes wearing the exact same howling wolves T-Shirts.

What on Earth? Is this a type of cartoon character?

So when we are towards the empty side we are at war? Is that it? If it is going to be permanent, let's make it a bit more clear, shall we?

He he he, I kind of like this one actually. But I sure as hell wouldn't wear it!

Did he think he would get endorsement money?

So large. So much going on here. So wrong...

This is what everyone was drinking when they got these!


  1. I actually think that the cartoon one is kinda cute.

    And I heard a quote once about war and peace (ok, I didn't "hear" it...I saw it on the wall at a men's bathroom I had to sneak into because they were cleaning the womens) it had something to do with war is inevitable and we should all go back to flinging poo at each other. I forget, but it was really really funny!

  2. Frankly, looking at those made me hurt.

  3. what skin problems are on those feet?

  4. Again, people are weird

  5. You have been mentioned on my famous ass blog.

  6. Looking at these tells me just how old I've gotten, because all I can think is "when you're my age, you're going to be sorry you did this...."

  7. That weed has my nose twitching. Excuse me while I go take some Benadryl....

  8. Hee hee hee. I kinda like the tramp stamp one too.

  9. god...just...SIIIIIIIGH.

    I do kinda like the feet one, except that feet tats seem super creepy. Not that they aren't creepy anyway. But you know.

    I guess I can kinda get behind batshit crazy over ignorant wanker tats. Don't ask.

  10. Anonymous1:04 AM

    nice tramp stamp bitch!! lololol!!!