Oct 13, 2009

How did Tuesday sneek up on me so fast?

Damn it, and here I was totally unprepared for bad tat tuesday. So as to not disappoint (really? disappointed to NOT see horrible tats?) here are some random finds posted late and rather hastily.

Yeah, way to sell it Sky Dad, I bet I have a big future in marketing...

The basic food groups are covered now, so on we go.

It's nice he included the TradeMark symbol.


Start them off young with bad artwork.

Wow, bad work on a bad canvas.

There is a boot joke in there somewhere, but I just can't come up with it.

I am gonna guess dead Jesus fish with bad beard weave?

Even the backs of the ears have ink, which makes my skin crawl a bit.

How come these people remembrance tats never look like people?

No clue, that is just sad.

Because girls want guys with great skills...

This is actually fairly decent work.

It's hammer time?

Comedy and Tragedy death gangsta!


  1. I will never, ever get a tattoo.

  2. Oh. My. God. Tattooing your kid is LOW. I hope that kid gets his revenge by being a total shit as a teenager.

  3. All of them are incredibly bad, except for Napoleon and Ron...figures.

  4. What the hell was that one? A tattoo of someone's girlfriend who was horribly burned in a fire?

  5. Every week, I am horrified.

    And every week, I see *one* that I kind of love.

    C'mon... who WOULDN'T want Napoleon permanently etched on their arm?!

  6. Lovely, as always! *cough, cough*

  7. Anonymous6:00 PM

    I don't even think I want to know what those things are at the bottom of the beer tattoo. Someone hold me!

  8. The kid getting tattooed is pretty bad; but I like the Napoleon one! HAHAHA.

  9. Anonymous10:55 PM

    While I admire the Aqua Teens as subject matter, doing that to your kid, if it's actually for real, is pretty low. Jesus Carp, though? That totally rockZ! Yes, rockz with a Z!

  10. There is a place here in the Cleveland area called Melt Bar and Grilled and they are giving a 25% discount for life if you get a Melt Tattoo...they've been posting them on Facebook. I really love Melt...but I'm not sure if I'm willing to make them a permanent part of my life.

  11. Where can I get a can of pizza?

  12. I came over from Legal Mist! What is the deal with the kid getting tattoos? Stellar parenting, party of one!

  13. Wow-- these are amazingly bad-- and your bad tat Tuesday standards are high.

    "I need my chapstick. My lips hurt real bad."

  14. this feature always makes me feel... vindicated, somehow...

  15. this feature always makes me feel... vindicated, somehow...