Oct 6, 2009

It's Bad Tat Tuesday!

Hi everybody, sorry I am late in posting. I was busy with that thing, ya know...

Oh hell, I am lazy as Homer Simpson and we all know that so no excuses!

Here are some more fine examples of body art gone awry, enjoy everyone.

I don't remember this part of the X-Men movies...

I actually like it when people incorporate their hair into the tat!

I can't even tell what it is, but I imagine it was painful to get.

I have seen a lot of these types that show the inner parts of the body, but this is way graphic.

We all knew that Alvin was going to snap some day, it was only a matter of time.

We never really do talk about all those families that were lost on the death star destruction...

Bounce on what???

The awesome haircut really pulls this one together!

That is actually pretty good artwork, but wow that is huge!

Finally, Kelly, Kelly, Kelly... This probably seemed like a great idea when you did that girls gone wild video, but some day soon the regret will sink in.


  1. My sister had a troll doll named Flower just like that one... okay, well not just like that one. Her hair was bright red.

  2. That squid one is pretty cool.

  3. The last tat reminds me of a dirty limmerick:

    There once was a barmaid from Sales,

    Who had tattoed on her breasts all the prices of ales,

    And on her behind,

    For the sake of the blind,

    Was the very same thing but in braille!

    I wonder if Kelly prefers heads or tails?


  4. I wonder if Kelly's breasts have a tattoo that says, "This side up".


  5. Does her ass say "handle with care" or "Fragile"?

    At least the cops won't have any trouble identifing her corpse.


  6. GKL: My sister had those also, and as a true little brother, I always tried to swipe them and cut their hair or torture them.

    Zibbs: It is one of the better ones to appear on this series.

    Doc: You are on fire sir!

  7. Love Bad Tat Tuesdays!

  8. Do I really live on the same planet as these people?

  9. Bad Tat Tuesdays is the best EVER!!!!

    I like the kitty....

  10. interesting tattoos. I like the hairy one!

  11. what will she do with the 'too if she changes her name?

    i bet her ass has "exit only" on it...

    and if her breasts do have "this side up" i wonder if you tilt her upside down, does it have it the other way too?

    some of these gag me, i cant believe anyone would get them..


  12. The troll doll tat is hilarious.

    And the "My name is Kelly" is sad. She needs to quit drinking. LOL

  13. Okay, that Troll one is pretty cute. Unless that patch of hair falls out or drastically expands.

  14. The kitty tat is my favorite. What happens if the dude ever goes bald?

  15. If Wolverine WANTS a My Little Pony, then Wolverine can have a My Little Pony... I can't see the little little brand on it's butt though, wonder what it's name is? Sparkle Saber Toes? Princess Pointy Parts? (uh... yes.. I am mom to a little girl, obvious?)

  16. I was a fan of tats...until now.