Oct 18, 2009

Oldy-time advertisements

I always like these old time ads for products that were complete crap, or they were so damn insensitive they were a joke. I recently came across a collection that I wanted to share with all of you.

First up is our good friend Lysol, that we all clean our KITCHEN COUNTER's with!! In what bizarro world did we used to think this was a great idea to spray up the old cooter?

I don't know what bothers me more, the happy lard eating family, or the fact that there used to actually be a "Lard Information Council".

That's that bitch I used to date! I recognize those stocking lines anywhere...

As someone who writes technical documentation, I appreciate the use of the labels in the photos to help me figure out old hard way from new Schlitz way. Now if only they could have done something about the skunk taste of their beer.

I think it was Nicolaus Copernicus that first postulated the hard work versus cute look theory. And Kelloggs was just pushing Meth a long time before it became fashionable.

You could always tell a true animal lover that would allow his dog to have a hole for it's head - while riding in a sack outside the damn car...

Oh holy hell! Did people really do this? Don't worry about these tape worms honey, their sanitized! And when I read "easy to swallow", I threw up in my mouth just a bit.

Tune in again the next couple of days when I spring forward into the 60's with more great ads!


  1. Thye're happy because they eat lard!

    I swear I just starting laughing so hard that I had a cough attack. Then I read it's from the Lard Council.


  2. Lysol, hmmm?
    Well THAT explains a lot!

  3. While the tape worms were gross, the idea of Lysol was even worse!

    But the doggie car-case made me laugh out loud.

  4. You know whoever thought of the dog sack was out drinking with whoever thought of the tape worms.

  5. Oh my... what were they thinking!

    Craig Glenn

  6. PRICELESS! Oh, to have been a marketing GENIUS back then!!!

  7. tape worms and lysol were popular health care items? Wow. It's amazing there are any humans left today, really...

  8. and we are here still.....how did we make it? guess that is why they had 12 or more kids...so there would be some left to keep this world going.
    tape worms diet aids
    lysol for the fresh feeling
    pet car bags heck i have 5 dogs where will I put them all?

  9. Anonymous2:37 PM

    I'm horrified by the Lysol, yet intrigued by the dog sack.

  10. Lysol?!

    Tape worms?!

    Ohhhh, I'm sooooooooooooo glad I wasn't born until the 70's!

  11. Anonymous6:38 PM

    Lysol and condoms, just another ordinary day at the bus station.

  12. "the harder the wife works...the least likely YOU are to get some"

  13. MY next bad tat will be that I eat lard.

  14. omg - I cant believe those!

    I call mine "vitamins" too :D

  15. Instead of side-impact bags...Rover???