Jun 15, 2010

Bad Tat Tuesday Rides Again

You can't stop it, you can only hope to contain it!

At least he gets called "Mr."

Matching snakes, how fashion conscious!

Go big or go home I guess.

The character work is good, but the huge Finish Him is kind of over the top.

I kind of like this one actually.

The noose coming out of the skin adds to the ick factor.

This lettering looks so perfect it almost looks fake.

Have I already done this one? I lose track sometimes. But the machine gun Hello Kitty is awesome.

Oh yeah, that will get you a free pass to heaven dude.

It would have been better as an 8-Track!

Last but not least, our friend Cormac comes through with another winner:

That will give your little girl some great dreams someday buddy.


  1. Ok the Harry Potter Vodemort head got me. Either you are seriously deranged or a huge fan of he-who-must-not-be-named.

    I like the killer Hello Kitty.

    I like the wing behind the ear.

    The self high five cracked me up.

  2. For extra badness, the "Leave a Coment Below" is misspelled. Doh!

  3. I guess that one dude is really into "choking his chicken" and wants the world to know.

  4. Man, spelling your tattoo wrongly has to be a pisser. Really. Unless a "coment" is a candy and he wants you to pop one in his ear. Or maybe everyone will leave "coments" on his face about how he can't spell very well... :)

  5. Now that the "Justified" season is over, this is the only thing left that makes me look forward to Tuesdays.

    The "Finish Him" and the ninjas are from the video game "Mortal Combat." I'm amazed that snake didn't bite the tattoo.

  6. That snake was pretty realistic. I'm kind of impressed.

    But...that's not just a gun-toting Hello Kitty, my friends. Those are PUNISHER Hello Kitties.

    Which makes them doubly awesome in a way that Dolf Lundgren never could achieve.

  7. "That's MISTER Assface to you, buddy..."

  8. I agree with you. The "finish him" was way too much and unnecessary.

  9. Is that a GIRL with the Mr. Assface tattoo?
    I know nothing should surprise me anymore with these, but Wow.

  10. I know a young woman who had "Love Forgives All" tatted right below her collarbone 3 weeks before her sister's wedding, in which she was maid of honor and wore a strapless dress. They never got along and relations aren't going to improve anytime soon. ; )

    My Neurologist's nurse has a classy tat on the back of her left calf of a victorian nurse. What I could see of it was pretty cool, considering she was wearing thigh-high boots (a work requirement, I'm sure).

  11. Sorry, KNEE-high boots! lol!

  12. ass face???? For all eternity? And is that a girl??? I think if I had a choice, I'd choose the hello kitty with the a k47

  13. As always...you have the best Bad Tat Tuesday...I've been sending them to my coworkers in Canada...They LOVE your blog...keep the good stuff coming!

  14. Well, I guess that one fellah found a way to say, with sincerity, that he his cock hangs below his knees...

  15. Do these people actually get dates? I wanna know the statistics on that.

  16. someone should have told him the prhase is to CHOKE th' chicken, not hang it. And the knots in the wrong place.

    and I can't spell prhase, either.