Jun 24, 2010

Thanks, and Vacation Report

First of all, I want to thank you all very much for your kind words on my last post about Skyler and the NICU. I appreciate all of the compliments, but I am not doing anything special. I am only doing what all of you would do in similar circumstances.

Next up, Kathy, Skyler and I took a couple of days off and drove over to the western side of Colorado to a small town called Glenwood Springs. We try and go there about once a year for a day or two just to hang out in the big hot springs.

Glenwood is a fun little town, and this time we tried renting a small cabin instead of the usual hotel stay. It was a pretty nice little place, with two bedrooms and a kitchen. It backs up to a mini-golf place, which was kind of fun to sit and watch the tourists knock a few around while we relaxed.

Across the highway (I-70) is the mountain that burned a few years back and took the lives of several fire fighters. You can see all the dead trees still standing, and the green shrubbery that is coming back in to take the place of the trees.

It is a long three hour drive over there, traveling west on I-70 all the way. You go through some spectacular scenery though, so it is worth it.

The Eisenhower tunnel which takes you through the continental divide through the Rockies. This is a crappy photo, but you don't stop inside to play tourist.

Copper Mountain ski area.

Vail ski area.

And finally, on the way home, we stopped by the side of the road to take a family photo of Lake Dillon. If Skyler looks a bit off, he got sick the night before and we just left early in the morning and headed home. Poor kid threw up in his bed, and a not-so-fun night was had by all.

I wanted to set up my video camera and record driving through Glenwood Canyon. Then I forgot and packed it away, and since we were hustling home to take care of Sky-man, I didn't stop to pull it out. Glenwood Canyon is 12 miles long, and cost more to build I-70 through there than the rest of the I-70 all the way across Colorado did. It is stacked in most places, goes through tunnels, and is just remarkable!

I snagged a few photos off the old internettubes;

OK, for the big finale, who is up for 2 1/2 minutes of the most inane, stupid, mind numbing video ever!?


  1. There's nothing like sticking a video camera in your kid's face! ; ) Good thing he's such a handsome guy!

  2. Anonymous9:52 PM

    3 things:
    1. I have that very same model of microwave. I am pretty sure.

    2. Sky-man is mad cool

    3. I would have to tie my children to the steps to keep them off that putt putt. Seriously

    and 4 (cause I like to suprise you) those were some awesome pics and I really liked the tunnel light. Could I use that picture in one of the classes I teach?

  3. I know you just went for the beer...Seriously I didn't know that Glenwood had a geyser.
    Glad you had some fun and I hope Skyler's better

  4. That Glenwood Canyon highway is amazing!

    The people of Colorado are no doubt grateful that you "didn't stop to pull it out." ;)

  5. Very cool! I hope Skyler is feeling better also.

  6. That highway is spectacular! Reminds me of that Pixar movie "Cars." Fantastic!

  7. We were in that hot springs pool two years ago! I loved that whole region. We picnic-ed and hiked our way from Estes Park, through the National Park, Leadville, etc down to Glenwood Springs, then into Denver to see family.

    Your son is one handsome man.

    Did you really film popcorn popping??

  8. I love the drive through Glenwood Canyon. These pictures really make me homesick.

  9. Anonymous7:03 PM

    You honked going through the tunnel, didn't you? Please tell me that you did.

  10. Ah man... sorry to hear about Skyler. :(

  11. wow, Sky looks almost "adult"! That just scared me another grey hair.

    And what a beautiful place!

  12. I think it's interesting that both the pool and the cabin look cut in 1/2. Lovely pix! remember to pack us in your luggage next time you bust outta Dodge!