Jun 29, 2010

Bat Tat Tuesday

After an absence last week (I have a note from my doctor) we are back and better than ever! There really isn't a theme to this week, other than some guest tats and most of you didn't want to be identified.

Is that identified, or associated with this little corner of the world?

Whatever, it is all good by me!

First out of the chute is from Lilly of Darkness, who sent this one in:

How about that? A fan of the Poo and the ATL!

Is this in honor of the dude you shouldn't pick up on the highway?

I have said it before, and will continue to say it. If it's a tribute to your kid, make sure it looks human!

How lovely. The roll of toilet paper wasn't enough, we had to name it.

Mac and Cheese!! Yummy!

It may be rewarded, but points will be taken off for spelling errors.

We are getting into the not safe for work section now, so watch out at work!

That is some good art work, but wasted on a Pez dispenser.

It's not the Ninja's hands you need to worry about...

Does he work at an adult shop?

Just beyond weird, you would go cross-eyed staring.

Remember what I said about not safe for work?


That must have hurt like a bitch!


  1. You forgot to mention that guy number one is also a fan of New Kids on the Block.

    That last one is scary. Seriously.

  2. Yikes! and oohhh so classy. Maybe the one tat is that guys girlfriend? Always and forever.

  3. Holy smokes! That's the scariest pussy I've ever seen.

    (someone had to be the first to make the obvious pussy joke)

  4. I forgive the Pez chick but only because she's weirdly sexy.

  5. I'm speechless. Wordless. I hope her zipper has a warning label!

  6. And think how that will look when she gives birth.


  7. That third one... I wonder how the parents felt about the fact that they gave birth to a flesh-eating zombie...

  8. You'd think the bra tattoo lady would get one with underwiring at least. Support, lady, support!

  9. come on now! Haven't you ever seen Army of Darkness?!? (that's what the second one is of)

    Ash had to cut off his own hand because it was posessed by a demon, then attached a chain saw. And the shotgun is his BOOMSTICK!!

    No, honestly, he was the hero of th movie :)

  10. What goes through people's minds that make them do this?????

  11. That's what I love about the human race. Just when you think the bar can't get any lower, someone goes and surprises you.

  12. what's that line Meg Ryan says in "Joe Vs. the Volcano"??

    Oh yeah: "wow. I have no response to that."

    Now, off to Wal-Mart for some industrial strength eyedrops...

  13. Oh. My. Lord.
    Miss Pussy's parents must be so proud!

  14. 3rd tat down is one scary-@$$ kid!!!

    But I kinda like the puzzle bra.

  15. That last one is going to look really great when she is 60. Wow.