Jun 13, 2010

Skyler's TV Crushes, Part 5

Getting back to meteorologists, which is Skyler's true love, but this time going National! Skyler first spotted Stephanie Abrams of the Weather Channel while she was filling in on the Today show.

The funny thing is that on that particular day, she was talking a lot about how windy it was, and used the term "breezy" a lot, so Skyler decided in his mind that was her name. He knows now that she is Stephanie, but still calls her Breezy.

For just a second, I thought she was throwing up the shocker!

She can rock a ballcap out in the elements also.

That is an animated gif of her dancing that of course blogger doesn't let work! Damn blogger...

She is pretty tall, or Al is really short.

Here she is working with Al Rocker from Today, with Al noticing her legs... and other things...
Al is a bit of a horn dog!


  1. Poor Al, he looks even more toadish next to Miss LongTall there.

  2. Your son and I have the same taste in women. ;o)

  3. Ha! I love the nickname "Breezy" for a weather chick. Well done!

  4. Well we see how Skyler can still pick the women....and I wonder where all that came from?

  5. Is she grabbing her bazongas in that last freeze frame?


  6. She's easy on the eyes, it's true, but Skyler could be dead on with 'Breezy' in reference to the empty space between her ears.

  7. That's funny. This is one I actually have seen on TV.

  8. If I want anyone to tell me that a tsunami is about to wipe out the West Coast, I would want it to be Stephanie...