Jun 4, 2010

Skyler's TV Crushes, Part 4

Today's edition of who Skyler has a crush on moves to the Pacific Northwest. Since we take a trip up to Bellevue Washington at least once a year to see the inlaws, Skyler has logged a whole lot of hours scoping out the on-air talent up there.

He has the typical women meteorologist crushes, but the anchor that he likes the most is Mimi Jung.

She is a very nice lady, and even agreed to give us a tour of King5 while we were visiting one time.

I tell you, she is a little thing! For comparison, my wife Kathy is 5'1", and she was a lot taller than Mimi. She had a baby not too long ago, and Skyler was dissapointed that she didn't clear her absence from being on-air during his visit.

And check this out. She has a side job as a child photographer!


  1. Yup! Skyler's got taste!

  2. Skyler has fine taste in women...just like dear old dad!

  3. She is tiny, but very pretty. Good job, Skyler.

  4. I had no idea Mimi was that small! King5 conceals that well.

    Mimi is DELIGHTFUL ~ Skyler has GREAT taste! :-)

  5. Can't fault the boy's taste!

  6. I bark to get the shot sometimes too... but that's usually at a bar.