Oct 4, 2010

Amazing doesn't quite cut it

In one of our very rare nights out, we saw the show Cavalia yesterday.  Well, it was an afternoon show, but it was just us, so it counts!
(Updated: All my words under the pictures went away, damn blogger!)

The Denver Post has a good write up of what all it involves, so go read over there real quick and then come back. 

(drums fingers on table, digs piece of junk out of teeth)

Oh hi, you're back, great!  Pretty cool, huh?

I scanned in some pictures from the program that are very cool and show a bit of the artistry between the horse and humans.  They even have their own musicians to play while the performance goes along to match the tempo of the horse.

It is truly spectacular, go see it if it comes to your neck of the woods!

This guy had amazing balance, he ran around the ring with the horse running on top of that ball, then performing jumps and somersaults on it.  The horse would do rings around him, and all the commands were just motions.

This was spectacular!  Two women suspended on cables that would spin, hang in all sorts of different manners while "dancing" with the guys riding in circles and figure 8 patterns!

This was the best part.  This lady handles 8 horses at once, getting them to run in circles opposite of each other, step sideways in a line, dancing and all sorts of things that just are not natural to a horse.  Not a rope or bridle around, it is all done with hand motions, and voice.

These people are insane, running by at full gallop picking things up off the ground and hanging on in a number of wild ways.

This was a dance routine like the other where the women was suspended, but in this one she was on bungee cords, so she would fly up and down beside the rider.  It was all remarkable!


  1. Looks beautiful and amazing. Since the guy was a co-founder of Cirque de Soliel, I bet it's perfection.

  2. So you got around to a date night. Good for the both of you!

  3. Oh my God, I completely forgot what I was going to say because my wv is "prick"!



    I resent the accusation, SkyDad. I thought you knew me better than that.


  4. Oh, I just have to see this. I have to.

  5. Ohhhh, so cool! I love it!

  6. Awesome. I'll have to check it out if it comes to town!

    Cora gets "prick," and I get "thsherth"? WTF is a "thsherth"?

  7. Wow. I guess if you can't have a lot of date nights, you better make them count. And it sounds like you did. Very cool.

  8. Oh my, yes, I think I need to see this too. Wow. Thank you for the enlightenment. :)