Oct 25, 2010

Monday Morning Random Madness.

Just some random weirdness I have found to help purge my brain of that Broncos debacle.
This would have been a better movie.

This would have been an awesome movie!

Only bendy people need attempt this.

If you look up awesome, this is the photo.

That is how we roll.

Compound eye Walrus sees all.

I laughed, oh yes... I laughed hard!

I think it is more of a back off the dosage warning.

I call this one "Issues"

Life is wonderful if you have waffle on a stick capabilities.

Caption this please.

Conjoined?  Or just extra weird?

Nobody gave him shit about his backpack after he started packing the RPG


  1. Hahaha! The 1st one made me laugh because I *gasp* hate that movie.

    Dark Side...I knew it! ; )

    And not only are those two conjoined, but albino to boot!

  2. caption this looked like everyday normal college guys....lol

  3. If I could toss my own salad I'd never leave the house.

  4. Anonymous8:35 AM

    I can only imagine the arguments those twins must have had over who got to use the crimping iron first! Thanks for the laugh! These were awesome, a great start to the week! - G

  5. Nice...And scary. Thanks for reminding me to take my meds.

  6. Teletubbies always frightened me just a little bit. Even more so now. Thanks a lot.

  7. I'm not sure if I'm entirely delirious but that was hilarious.

    Also, the tossing one's own salad one is pleasing me immensely. And frightening me quite a bit.

  8. The first one reminds me of THIS.

    But for a caption to that one picture?


  9. Thank you for reminding me to double up on my meds, because that will be AWESOME.

    Well, according to the photos, anyways.

  10. Then again, if Samuel L. were The Wizard, that would mean that Urkel was behind the curtain!

  11. Caption: We catch up with the Osmond Brothers after their move to Alabama.

  12. That Dorothy is totally gonna be my costume next year!

  13. Anonymous6:08 AM

    Ok the backpack scared me more than then RPG - just sayin those fucking Teletubbies are nightmare material.

    A caption for that pic:
    "Dreams of Deliverance"