Oct 1, 2010


That's right people, it's Fuckin Friday!!  Whoot and all that shit, let's get this weekend started off with some What The Hell?

What?  Not feeling it yet?  I want you all to stand up right now (see figure 1)  Kick that chair back and throw you desk over and shout Fuck This Shit! (see figure 2).

Get on over to your friends house and get prepared for that night out on the town, but don't prep too hard...

You may want to print this out and keep it on you for quick reference.

Practice safe texting while going from party to party!

Guys, no matter how good she looks, don't let her talk you into anything drastic!

And finally, don't worry how it ends up.  It will make a great story later on in life!


  1. Excellent Friday posy, my friend.


  2. That sheep looks a little sad to see Johnny go.

  3. have a great (*&#^@(#@&$) weekend.

  4. Happy Freakin Friday!!

  5. putting in my own self service sterlization station....now....seems like a way to keep the guys in line. Or is that line up the guys?

  6. I really love the owl one.
    word ver. - dootio - slang in another language for dude