Oct 13, 2010

Welcome once again to Poorly Translated Signs!

I seriously can't get enough of these, I just love the weirdness that comes out of really bad translations!  Here are a few that came my way over the past few weeks, enjoy!

I always walk more slowly when I am hard.

Women playing the erect bamboo flute?  Say what?!?

I usually get stuck during reflenishing too.

Adjectives should never be allowed in the noun bathing area.

But leave your tin.

That's right lady!  Push it!  Come on you!

Who doesn't like one?

Kind of I suppose...

That's right, just lump us all together.

Only Rick Shaw's beard knows!

They are heros I tell you!

Dirty damned tortoises.

Wow, where to begin?

It take far less than that to make me slobber.

Not if you are a guy.

I'm going to need a bit more clarification please.

So if you are having a picnic with your ex, take them with you.

Sargent and above only.

Come on Asia, words hurt too!


Don't turn round the hand rail was a one hit wonder by Petulia Clark i think.

Aside from the grammar problems, what are you smoking if the building is asking you things?

Not to sure what to do, so I just won't ride the damn bus.

Construction workers are ass-hats in Asia also.

(snaps fingers) Don't be bringing no trouble over here1

It takes a Spice Girl to open the door?

Suddennes happens where you least expect it.

Just eat the damn combustible bread!

And bed bugs, resist those too.


  1. The warm bread becomes happy only because it eats the unit?

    My dirty mind LOVED that one.

  2. I tend not to walk at all when I'm hard, slow or otherwise.

  3. Anonymous1:11 PM

    Seriously. That is hysterical. I really love the don't feed fish with privates.

    And thanks for letting me know it's more difficult for you to walk when hard, I really needed to know that.

  4. Those are great. Lord knows, I love to tease animals, but I would never want to hurt one. ha ha.

  5. I think "Gonna Make You Slobber" was C&C Music Factory's follow-up hit.

  6. Anonymous4:18 PM

    Smoked visitors, now in bbq, nacho, and cool ranch flavors!

  7. *sigh* all the more reason to keep working on language-learning. (hits the books)

  8. I always take the dirtbags with me after I pick the nick.

    Loved them all!

  9. Gawd, I actually cried laughing!! What kind of clown is translating these things anyway?!

  10. Anonymous8:15 AM

    I don't know which one of those is the funniest. (I, LADY, will never forget to flush the toilet ever again.) I remember in the 80's there was that big fashion trend where we put Asian letter/characters on everything - clothes, backpacks, stickers,etc, because they looked cool. Maybe we were the ones walking around with jibberish on our sleeves too. Very funny post! - G

  11. I sent a link to Mandy to read them. She's taking Japanese and Chinese this semester and these just make her cringe.

  12. My stomach laughing having hard squeezed is now.

  13. The first one is my fave. They're all funny though, many golden thanks.

  14. What the???

    My brain hurts but I know for sure, I'm leaving my dirtbag EX if he ever shows up for my picnic...I tell ya.

  15. How many erect flutes can you play with before you're no longer considered a lady?

  16. I will not pick Nick with a fish
    I will not pick Nick with a chaffing dish

    I will not pick Nick with an erect bamboo flute
    I will not pick Nick with Lingxing men that are mute

    I will not pick Nick with steps beard
    I will not pick Nick, because the whole idea of it makes me feel weird

    I will however, throw combustible bread at him.