Oct 19, 2010

Bad Tat Tuesday!

Boy these Tuesdays really seem to sneak up on me!  You just turn around and all the sudden you have missed a week and now you are late.  But fear not people, this weeks collection of crap will not disappoint!

 Buffy The Vamp Slayer!  Just a bit busy and not too great...

 It was. Now, not so much.

 Holy overdone Batman!  What do we have going on here?

 This tat cannot be explained.

 My question is, Why not finish the other pistol?

 I would actually consider a Calvin and Hobbes.

 Leftover from the skateboard thugs theme.

 Proud of his choice of Motor Cycle.

 I wonder if the dude in the background is impressed, or thinks it sucks.  Maybe he is just stoned...

 Great work, but Uber-creepy!

 There are no words for how awful this is.

 Nice Rack.  There, somebody was going to say it.

That tat must be as old as the hill, or this is a really bad shot.


  1. Man, if we could find pictures of exploding pumpkin tattoos, that would be nearly as epic as that Golden Girls tat.

    The third one down...the girl with the crosses on her legs...the cross is a symbol of Christ, and Christ did send us all forth to spread the word...so...let's start spreading the word there, young lady.

    Wow...that was a long way to go for a terrible joke...

    Thank you for being a friend...

  2. I really hope and think the eyeball one is also photo shop work. I hope so at least. But more so....what part of the body is it on?

  3. The girl with the crosses on her legs looks like a human doodle pad that should be sitting next to someone's phone.

    And the guns?! Well. Bless her heart.

  4. Anonymous8:47 AM

    Oh my! The Golden Girls a la Mount Rushmore is sweet but, um, kinda scary too. And the third eye on the shoulder? Yowsa! Good work but incredibly freaky looking. - G

  5. Golden Girls Mount Rushmore is amazing. That should be on your "Good Tat" day, whenever that is.

    The natural way to read the wording on that pistols one is "To your stick guns," which makes it even weirder. Hurry every one! To your stick guns!

  6. "Hey Rocky, watch me pull a "Golden Girls" from my hat!"

  7. All was well, huh? Seems someone got a little overexcited in the tattoo parlor when Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows came out.

  8. Anonymous1:02 PM

    I would not have known that to be Buffy until you pointed it out. These are not just fail - but EPIC fails.

    That eyeball on what I am guessing is someones shoulder..... just beyond NASTY.

  9. The girl with the crosses? I'm guessing somewhere is that mess is a tat that reads "my parents ignored me"

  10. To quote Col. Kurtz in "Apocalypse Now," "The horror...the horror..."

  11. Chris, I don't know how you consistently come up with new bad tats. These are all great, or not.
    The "eye" one is uber-creepy, you're right.

  12. A Golden Girls tattoo? My eyes, my eyes!

  13. I read the 'pistol' tat as "To Your Stick Guns". lol! It would've been better if 'Stick' was on top and 'To Your' was on the bottom left.

    And who doesn't love Calvin & Hobbs?! I'd get that tat.

  14. I think I can explain the unexplainable one (bearded guy with "perfection"). That is Billy Mitchell from the great documentary "King Of Kong". Now, as far as what kind of person would get that tattoo, I'm stumped.

  15. The dude in the back is DEFINATELY stoned.

  16. The Golden Girls... hahahaha

  17. you know i actually think we would be a better country if the golden girls were actually on mt rushmore.

    i see rocky but no bullwinkle?

  18. Honestly- what kind of crazy whackadoo gets a Golden Girls tattoo? Unless you're the offspring of Rue, Estelle, Betty or Bea, there is no reasonable, sane excuse for this nonsense.